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Esquel (photo: Jorge González)Esquel (photo: Jorge González)
The Province of Chubut encloses two very contrasting scenes highly coveted by tourists coming from big cities: the mountain and the sea. In addition, it guarantees an endless variety of tourist attractions.

The main cities on the Ocean coastline, like Rawson, Puerto Madryn and Puerto Pirámides, on the Valdés Peninsula, are joined to the Andean range area through excellent Patagonian roads. Thus, the Districts of Esquel, Lago Puelo or Trevelin, to name a few, may be easily reached.

The center of the province shelters the largest region, known as Central High Plateau. Great attractions like Los Altares (the Altars), the Ameghino Dam petrified forest and Piedra Parada (Standing Stone) Protected Area -a rock formation of 200 meters of height and 150 meters of diameter standing all alone in the vast plain- appear in this area.

The southern part of the province is another well-developed tourist destination, with different attractions, namely: Parque Marino Costero, which may be reached from Camarones or Comodoro Rivadavia, the practice of wind-car racing at Rada Tilly and the José Ormaechea petrified forest, accessed through the City of Sarmiento, as well as the Sheep Shearing Festival in Río Mayo. Besides, there are excellent fishing spots where trout and salmon may be caught on the high Senguer River and the Pico River too.

All this turns Chubut into an excellent alternative when it comes to programming a trip around Patagonia.

Featured Attractions

La Hoya Ski ResortLa Hoya Ski Resort

La Hoya ski resort is part of a landscape made up by forests and lakes very close to the City of Esquel. Its geographic location guarantees excellent snow from early June, which remains intact until mid October.

Reaching 2,050 meters of height, it offers 60 hectares of skiable soil with all kinds of trails prepared for all ski levels and variables. Cross-country and downhill ski, as well as snowboarding, find here the chance to satisfy beginners, advanced, experts and professionals alike.

Parque Nacional Los AlercesParque Nacional Los Alerces

El Parque Nacional Los Alerces protege 263.000 hectáreas en la región cordillerana de Chubut sobre el límite internacional con la República de Chile.

El objetivo fundamental de su origen fue cuidar los bosques de alerce o lahuán, uno de los árboles más longevos del planeta que caracteriza la flora andino-patagónica, además de resguardar varias especies amenazadas como el huemul.

En la unión del lago Futalaufquen con el pequeño espejo del lago Verde, se encuentra el río Arrayanes, con transparentes aguas verde azuladas.

La TrochitaLa Trochita

A true journey to the past on a narrow gauge railway known as La Trochita (The Little Narrow Gauge) Patagonian Express leaves from the Esquel Railway Station. The tour takes half a day and starts at the end of the rail in the original line joining the districts of Ingeniero Jacobacci and Esquel with regular passenger and cargo services.

The convoy borders the great valley of Esquel. Through the windows, passengers may observe the high glacial mountains around.

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