Comodoro Rivadavia

Comodoro Rivadavia Comodoro Rivadavia - Photos: Jorge González

Widely known as "Comodoro", it may be reached by plane through its international airport, or else along National Route 3, which connects it to other regions in the country, even with the City of Buenos Aires.

The City of Comodoro Rivadavia lies on San Jorge Gulf, in the province of Chubut. Beyond the passing of time, it has always appeared modern and booming from all perspectives, with the daily innovations of a large metropolis, in this case, in Patagonia.

It was named after Comodore Martín Rivadavia, who toured the Patagonian shores in 1890 and 1892 by request of the national government with the intention of constituting a Patagonian port to connect the country to the world.

This achievement was fulfilled after some years, when Comodoro Rivadavia became an industrial, commercial and business center providing services to the entire region. The tourist industry is backed up by an accommodation and gastronomical infrastructure typical of a big city.

Its natural attractions include Mount Chenque, which features views of the immensity of the urban settlement.

Winters are mild and summers are ideal to enjoy the vast beaches that lure visitors to enjoy the surroundings. The village called Rada Tilly stands out.

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