San José Hot Springs

Ideal for all ages, San José Hot Springs lie minutes away from the City of Colón.

The City of San José offers a hot spring resort whose facilities include hydro-massage pools as well as various kinds of cosmetic treatments, mud therapy, spa, and anti-stress and relaxing massage sessions.

There are two kinds of pools: some for visitors to be quiet and relax, and others for recreation.

Swimming is not allowed in the former, and physical movements should be as slow as possible, in order not to alter the peaceful atmosphere. On the other hand, in the recreational pools it is possible to move, and even swim. These pools, which are preferred by the youngest, are the gathering point of those guests who intend to make a recreational use of the resort.

  • Lie minutes away from the City of Colón

    Lie minutes away from the City of Colón

  • Some for visitors to be quiet

    Some for visitors to be quiet

  • Healing Properties

    Healing Properties

  • Water slides

    Water slides

  • For all ages

    For all ages

The purpose of this resort is to ensure relax, whether in the pools or in the surrounding park. Therefore, many times prior booking is required in order to avoid interrupting quietness with a high number of guests.

Other activities in San José village are to take a history tour around the main square and museums, visit the semi precious stones reserve, or even enjoy a day on the local beach. There are many attractions for everyone.

Healing Properties of These Waters

Apart from being used in many pathological process treatments and in prevention and recovery of different affections, the hot spring waters show these characteristics:

* Revitalizing effects on cells and tissues.
* Analgesic and antispasmodic results.
* Purification of blood.
* Metabolism reactivation.
* Its high PH is beneficial for skin conditions.
* Relief of stress and muscle dystrophy.
* Bath water between 30° and 34° C improves blood circulation.
* Bath water between 35° and 37°C is sedative.
* Iron and manganese contribute to improve skin processes resulting from disorders in the nervous system. An example of these common affections is psoriasis.
* The presence of sulfate is beneficial for respiratory chronic affections, like asthma.

Nowadays, hot spring tourism is becoming popular among young people, who consider the hot springs not only a place to rest but also an opportunity to forget about routine and relax.

Whether fresh or not, all hot springs have something in common: they give us the time to find ourselves, no matter how old we are. Looking inwards is the real beginning of all healing, and all this thanks to the water.

To learn about the hot springs open hours or rates for 2017 season, please contact:

San José Hot Springs
Peyret St. 1180 - Phone: (03447) 15-437368 - e-mail
San José, - Minutes away from Colón

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