San José Corsos and Las Palmas Carnival

Las Palmas Carnival is a classic in San José, Villa Elisa and Colón, as well as an excellent excuse to gather and enjoy the warm summer nights of January and February.

Every Saturday in January and February, the famous Carnival of Las Palmas takes place at the City of San José. This is a unique event that catches the attention of all denizens in the city and their neighbors from Colón and Villa Elisa.

The new Corsódromo was built in the venue that once housed the railway station. It lies to the west of the City, in front of Entre Ríos Street. Year after year, carnival is enjoyed to the fullest at this location to the rhythm of comparsas such as “Mimbí” from San José and “Itá-Oví” from Colón.

The runway spans approximately 500 meters and the stalls lie parallel to it. Sitting there, visitors cheer up each of the comparsas, including their paraders, batucadas, mascots, banners and floats, which take hold of the scene every Saturday. This is one of the main reasons why many assert that this is one of the most passionate carnivals in Entre Ríos.

  • The warm summer nights

    The warm summer nights

Colors, sequins, feathers, songs, banners, the message is crystal-clear: it is Carnival. And as a good ancient tradition, it must be lived and respected in the same way it has been for long years, paying tribute to Rey Momo every time he awakes and asks everyone to dance and have a good time until the sun rises again.

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