WineriesContemplative Tourism

Believe in the Vines: Salta Wineries

For years, the attraction has consisted not only in tasting its varietals, but also in learning about the secrets of winemaking. The circuit includes towns, sceneries and glasses, of course.

Recreational Tourism

Carlos Xamena municipal campsite swimming pool

<p>The Carlos Xamena municipal campsite has already opened its swimming pool for residents and visitors to the city of Salta. Everyone into the water!</p>

GastronomyContemplative Tourism

From One <i>Peña</i> to Another

The spirit of Salta will not be grasped completely until we experience a folkloric <i>peña</i> night and good local cuisine at some of the fashionable night venues.

Mining TourismContemplative Tourism

La Poma and the Devil´s Bridge

La Poma is a Calchaquí town, between hills and streams of Salta. Geological tourism has strong bases in this town, shaped by the whims of volcanoes.


Salta and Its Regional Flavors

In the city, regional food favors the typical ingredients of northern Argentina, cooked and presented in accordance with family recipes from Salta.

GastronomyContemplative Tourism

Salta At Night

Beautiful Salta turns on its lights when the nigh falls. Each corner renovates its charm when the Moon is out. The main square, its <i>cafés</i>, Balcarce Street and the magic of the casino. The night is an invitation.

Contemplative Tourism

Tourist Bus around Salta

There are always new alternatives to see beautiful Salta. In this case, a novel option is Bus Turístico Salta, which takes visitors down the most beautiful city in northern Argentina.

Contemplative Tourism

Type of cacti in Northern Argentina

Great temperature extremes, scarce water and colorful mountains delight visitors. However, their presence is an icon whenever the Argentinian North is mentioned.

Religious Tourism

Virgin of the Hill

Every Saturday, Tres Cerritos neighborhood welcomes a mass pilgrimage that has worshipped the so-called <i>Virgen del Cerro</i> (Virgin of the Hill) for over two decades now.

MuseumsContemplative Tourism

Visit to the James Turrell Museum in Colomé

This is a new tour to do, a must from now on. The possibility of watching a museum and a winery at the same time deserves a visit. One of a kind.

TrekkingBird watching

Quebrada de San Lorenzo

<p>The environment of the lush jungle is a magnet to make a stop in the Quebrada de San Lorenzo, where the splendor of nature surprises the traveler.</p>

Contemplative Tourism

A New Chapter of Train to the Clouds

An old Argentinian project invites visitors to climb to the highest mountains defying the natural slopes with the comfort of a noble means of transportation. NOT WORKING AT THE MOMENT.

Popular HolidaysContemplative Tourism

Andean Carnival

In the districts of northern Argentina (NOA), and more specifically in the Provinces of Salta and Jujuy, Carnival is celebrated during February and March as a traditional festival in which everyone takes part.

Popular HolidaysContemplative Tourism

Gauchos of Güemes Parade

This celebration is to be witnessed in order to grasp its real sense. Who was Güemes? Why have the people of Salta loved him so much for so long? Who were and still are his <i>gauchos</i>?

Contemplative Tourism

San Antonio de los Cobres and thr Train to the Clouds

San Antonio de los Cobres, one of the highest points in the Argentinian puna, is known for the famous Train to the Clouds. But, what happens when the train does not pull in? Does the town have a life of its own?

Popular HolidaysContemplative Tourism

Tribute to Juan Martín Miguel de Güemes

Like every year on June 17th, tribute is paid to General Juan Martin Miguel de Güemes, a liberator who aided the National Army accompanied by his <i>gauchos</i>.

Contemplative Tourism

Parque Nacional Baritú

En 1971, un grupo de naturalistas e investigadores del Instituto Miguel Lillo de Tucumán, elaboraron un informe preliminar para la creación del Parque Nacional Lipeo-Baritú.

Contemplative Tourism

Parque Nacional El Rey

De la estancia del siglo XVIII que sirviera de fuerte para el Virreynato del Río de la Plata, en la frontera oriental de Salta y Jujuy, sólo queda el nombre.


Like the Train to the Clouds but on a truck (I)

Exciting and amusing, the safari to the clouds goes through the ravines and the Puna, some mythical nooks in the North. Not to be missed. NOT WORKING AT THE MOMENT.


Visit to the High Mountain Archeology Museum

The new <i>Museo de Arqueología de Alta Montaña</i> (High Country Archeology Museum) displays an invaluable archeological find discovered in the summits of the Llullaillaco Volcano.

Contemplative Tourism

Cabra Corral Dam: adventure in Salta

The Cabra Corral Dam is a favorite spot among the people from Salta when they want to enjoy the weekend. Anything goes there: fishing, bungee jumping, rafting, looking for native footprints and much more.


More than Northern Cuisine

In addition to the classic empanadas, humitas and tamales, you can taste and choose excellent international cuisine proposals unceremoniously.

Contemplative Tourism

On a Cable Car over Salta

Very close to the city center, the Mount San Bernardo resort offers magnificent views of the city of Salta and its outskirts. Ideal to visit by car, climb by cable car or simply on foot.

Contemplative TourismHorse Riding

Beautiful San Lorenzo

A horseback ride along the trails of this villa in Salta gives us beautiful panoramic views of the nearby valleys and ravines.


A Traditional Place in the Night of Salta

La Casona del Molino (the mill house) is the nook where all friends, guitars and bombos of Salta meet to enjoy a true peña, the expression of our costumes.


Zip-lining at the Juramento River

<p>Amusing and exciting, canopy tour at the Juramento River Canyon invites visitors to explore its beautiful sceneries from the air.</p>


Visit to the North's Historical Museum in Salta

From the old cabildo, the Historical Museum of the North in Salta keeps real treasures of the native culture and from colonial times.


Fishing doradons in the Salta Rainforest

The Juramento River is not just another river. Its course is part of the longest hydrological basin in our country. The <span style="font-style: italic;">dorado</span> is not just another fish.

Off-RoadContemplative Tourism

Route 40, the highest in America

One of the stretches of National Route 40 reaches 4,895 meters over sea level. Along this road, we discovered the beauty of the puna on a 4x4 vehicle.

Contemplative Tourism

Tour Around the Calchaquí Valleys

Leaving from the capital of Salta, visitors may tour around one of the most impressive circuits in the Republic of Argentina as they visit the legendary Calchaquí Valleys.

Contemplative Tourism

Wildlife in the rainforests of Salta

Birdwatching, as well as wildlife mapping, are ideal activities to get deep into the rainforest in Salta. Unique moments that may only be repeated through a photograph.

Tourism in Salta

The Province of Salta boasts a mild climate and the perfect charms to be chosen as a tourist destination. In addition to its natural beauties, the diversity of its denizens dazzles whoever comes along...


The legendary Hotel Termas de Rosario de la Frontera

Since 1880, the legendary Hotel Termas de Rosario de la Frontera in Salta has offered a privileged site to recover beauty and health.

Santa Anita and the History of Tobacco

We visited the Coronel Moldes country house, which has a private tobacco museum, ritual element of the Amerindian culture and present representative of the productive activity of the area.

Contemplative TourismRafting

Rafting the Juramento River in Salta

On its shores, General Belgrano sworn loyalty to the Asamblea General Constituyente. Its name is a witness of history and its rapids invite visitors to enjoy the beauty of the landscape.

Hotels and accommodations in Salta

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