Visit to the James Turrell Museum in Colomé

This is a new tour to do, a must from now on. The possibility of watching a museum and a winery at the same time deserves a visit. One of a kind.

James Turrell Museum in Colomé belongs to The Hess Art Collection and was opened to visitors in 2009.

This wonderful museum, accompanied of course by the coziness of its environment, lies inside the venue of estancia Colomé and its winery. Therefore, today it is possible to enjoy the benefits of wine along with a unique museum in one same place.

Housing the work of James Turrell, this is the first museum worldwide to show the work of one of the most acclaimed contemporary artists today. It is fully devoted to light and space.

  • Dedicated to light and space

    Dedicated to light and space

  • As in a time warp

    As in a time warp

  • Inside the premises near the Bodega and Estancia

    Inside the premises near the Bodega and Estancia

  • An exciting sensory experience

    An exciting sensory experience

  • It belongs to The Hess Art Collection

    It belongs to The Hess Art Collection

  • Five decades of the artist's career

    Five decades of the artist's career

The art pieces represent five decades of the artist’s career, like a time tunnel, and they are exhibited in nine rooms where the light has specifically been conditioned within a 1,700-meter space.

Among the works on display, there are “Spread 2003” and “Unseen Blue 2002”, the largest skyspace in the world is nestled in an inner yard with a view of the sky.

This work reaches its maximum intensity at dawn and at sunset, when a thrilling sensorial experience is lived as a result of what the works transmit and of the natural environment surrounding the museum.

Opening year round, facilities, drawings and impressions made by the artist that succeeds in fascinating visitors at once with his own vision of the world are exposed at the museum.

Excellent gastronomy may be tasted at estancia Colomé. Likewise, the Visitor Center is a local emblematic space where breakfast and tea are served all through the day and guests may enjoy some of the films projected at the microcinema, have lunch or just relax with the wondrous view of the vineyards. A bistro serves varied dishes, picadas, salads and beverages, and there is also a boutique with selected products and items to take home as souvenirs.

The possibility of going on a self-guided tour around the winery is another option. The best wines grown at Colomé and Hess Family Estates may be tasted there.

Thus, the most beautiful corners of the winery and the main local attractions are seen, among which of course the various vineyards, as well as some areas in the estate, prevail.

There is no doubt that a stay at estancia Colomé and Colomé winery is an experience second to none.

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