Salta Cathedral (Photo: Eduardo Epifanio)

Tourism in Salta

Lying on the Lerma Valley, Salta is the capital city of the homonimous province. It is situated in one of the most fertile and nicest sites ever created by nature in this region. It is located at 1,187 meters above sea level, at the bottom of Mounts 20 de Febrero and San Bernardo.

Summer in Salta City is mild, and winter is temperate and dry, with an annual average temperature of 22ºC, which makes the city an ideal place to live or visit year round. This is evidenced in its thriving accommodation market, which is usually complete throughout the year.

"El Aybal " airport, 9 km away from the city through National Route Nº 51, connects Salta to Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Tucumán, Jujuy and other cities. International flights operate from time to time. One can also get to the city through National Routes Nº 9 and Nº 34.

The Hispanic architecture of the city outstands from the other cities in the country. The colonial spirit from the times of the foundation remains in its houses, streets, hundred-year-old monuments and narrow sidewalks surrounded by the mountains nearby.

Salta tourist attractions includes sightseeing its numerous statues, visits to the San Francisco Church, the Cathedral and the interesting historical and anthropological museums.

In the outskirts, there are different excursions to go on , being the one called "El Tren a las Nubes" (The Train in the Clouds) the most attractive of them all. It consists of a train journey that goes through the clouds as it crosses The Andes at 4,220 mts. above the sea level.
Undoubtedly, visiting the city means tasting the worldwide known "empanadas" from Salta.

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