Beautiful San Lorenzo

Exquisite summer village, San Lorenzo invites visitors to relax as they behold its green shades. Nothing better than a quiet horseback ride to discover the Lerma Valley and the surroundings of Salta.

Summer siestas in Salta leave the city motionless, suspended in the heat. Nothing better than escaping to the village of San Lorenzo, with its leafy roads and refreshing shades.
San Lorenzo is ideal to stroll about, ride a bike, go on quad excursions or photographic safaris across the montane rainforest. Apart from its ravine, the microclimate that combines exuberant vegetation, fresh air and clear waters, as well as its historical and natural heritage invite visitors to return once and again.

We met Tita, from Turismo San Lorenzo, who in this occasion suggested that we should go on a horseback excursion across the nearby mounts. The proposal was highly tempting as the surroundings of San Lorenzo offer trails and paths only accessible by horse that reach incredible natural nooks.

We had not yet defined the tour when Jorge and Agustín, our guides, had already prepared the horses and were helping us put on the polainas. At a quiet pace, we began our tour around the wooded streets, riding Morita, Almendra, Pajarito and Zaino.

  • Incredible natural nooks

    Incredible natural nooks

  • Part of the landscape

    Part of the landscape

  • Exquisite summer village

    Exquisite summer village

  • A crystalline stream

    A crystalline stream

  • A quiet horseback ride

    A quiet horseback ride

As we moved on, Jorge would tell us how the village had grown. At the beginning, it was just a summer village but later, with the growth of the capital city, it became a good place to live. The afternoon was getting cloudy as we left the group of houses behind and started climbing some hills. The undulations on the ground covered with grass are used by local dwellers for cattle pasture. Most of these lands still belong to the Argentinian Army and are used for sporadic military practices.

Morita is a mixed race mare, half Creole and half Peruvian, and her singular pace allowed me to enjoy a relaxing ride, watching the landscape of the San Lorenzo ravine, the Finca las Costas natural reserve and the residences hidden on the slopes of the mount.

Farther on we had a beautiful panoramic view of the Lerma Valley and the city of Salta before our eyes.We galloped across a small pampa to indulge ourselves and, as the sun was setting, we started our way back.

We retraced our steps along the same quiet streets impregnated by the aroma of wet grass in the villas. Undoubtedly, San Lorenzo shelters a mild natural charm.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Pablo Etchevers

DifficultyDifficulty: Low.
DurationDuration: 3 hours.
Opening hoursOpening hours: Daily outings at 10am and 3 pm.
How to get hereHow to get here: Travel only 12 minutes along motorway RP 28 to get to the San Lorenzo village from the city of Salta, 10 Km away.


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