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Las Gaviotas is one of those places where everything happens at a slow pace, where the clock has stopped forever. Walking along its streets is enough to notice it.

Small and Subtle

The small district of Las Gaviotas has all the necessary charm to make your stay unforgettable. Its name means “the seagulls” in Spanish and though it inspires poetry and glamour, this is just a small hamlet standing between two other small villages: Mar de las Pampas and Mar Azul, all of them part of the District of Villa Gesell. Having its own access to National Route 11 and only one main avenue called Punta del Este, Las Gaviotas offers great quietness around its almost 77 blocks, which display a unique view of the sea through sand hills and woods.

The large and solitary beaches and the plentiful green spaces and paths getting deep into the woods turn this place into an ideal site for hiking tours which usually lead to the sea. Horseback or sulky rides, walking and even reading are some of the activities chosen by visitors. Just like at Mar de las Pampas and Mar Azul, the preservation of the environment has become a natural premise at Las Gaviotas.

Mediterranean Style

Its apart hotels and resorts with luxurious spas and swimming-pools, most of them built in the Mediterranean style, manage to embellish this place without altering the visual space or the natural environment. Here, constructions have been adapted to the landscape and that is noticed in the low buildings.

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  • Tourist resorts

    Tourist resorts

There is no clear difference between indoors and outdoors and this gives way to new shapes to take hold of the woods, the sea and the beach, along with the summer venues.

The restaurants located by the sea are also the great protagonists of Las Gaviotas. They follow their own theme rules and their signature cuisine. They present novel alternatives in which besides good taste, the exotic aromas prevail along with traditional dishes.

When the sun sets, it is mandatory for all those staying at Las Gaviotas to go up to Mar de las Pampas. Whether on foot or by car, the idea is to visit one of the traditional attractions at the commercial center of Mar de las Pampas before the night falls. Stores, restaurants and cafés, as well as shows are the main local attractions.

Then it is time to go to bed. Only after walking a few blocks does the silence invade the scene completely. When this happens, it means the starting point has been reached: Las Gaviotas.

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Bear in mindBear in mind: A classic of Las Gaviotas is to watch the seagulls, the birds after which this place has been named. Whether at sunrise or sunset, they gather along the beach to start or end the day. A show few times seen in other spots of the Atlantic coast.


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