Walking from Las Gaviotas towards Villa Gesell, through the forest and the by the sea

The idea is to get up early and go for a walk. Our destination? The pier of Villa Gesell. An ideal hike for those who enjoy the forest and the sea.
Next to Las Gaviotas lies neighboring Mar de las Pampas, well-known for its large sand hills and its thick pine-tree grove which provides an unusual magical touch that makes it stand out from other districts on the Atlantic seashore.

Mar de las Pampas is the first destination of this hike. No matter what path we take at Las Gaviotas, they will all take us to the main street to access the city.

A curve to one side, a straight stretch and another curve. As we moved through the forest, the vegetation became thicker and the murmur of passer-byes gave evidence of the fact that we were close to a commercial center.

We had reached downtown Mar de las Pampas, a perfect place to find what we were looking for. In natural harmony with the surroundings, various restaurants, coffee-houses, commercial galleries and stores lie amidst the forest free of all environmental pollution traits.
  • Atlantic Coast

    Atlantic Coast

  • Go for a walk

    Go for a walk

  • A great place

    A great place

  • The pier of Villa Gesell

    The pier of Villa Gesell

  • An ideal spa

    An ideal spa

During our short stay we were able to observe that families take hold of this place according to generations. Kids have fun at playgrounds or at a recreational space offering the chance to shoot arrows, enjoy incredibly huge inflatable games and even watch magic tricks.

Adults find peace reading a newspaper or magazine: something they could not do during the rest of the year, as they enjoy a cup of coffee, an ice-cream or lunch immersed in the beautiful forest by the sea.

We left eye-catching Mar de las Pampas behind and took a sand path that led us to the beach. We continued walking up to the pier of Villa Gesell, which we spotted in the distance. We observed the lift nets going up and down in the hands of fishermen.

Tourists of all ages were playing in the sand and the water. Many couples or groups were walking around. And so did we.

The parasols and deck chairs were the only obstacle before us. We strolled alongside the shore as close to the water as possible, watching not to step on the sand castles made by children.

The pier came closer and closer. Our eyes concentrated on the silhouettes of fishermen and we could even assert that their lift nets were filled with fish.

We had reached our destination.
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