Walking up to Mar Azul

It is not a long walk. All the opposite. One town finishes and the next one starts. There are no fences, landmarks or anything that establish the boundary between one district and the other. But the invisible line that divides Las Gaviotas from Mar Azul is completely evident.
Las Gaviotas is known for its resorts and spas, which enable visitors to enjoy the sea at all seasons, even during the harsh winter. Most of these venues offer heated swimming-pools, restaurants and services that will make sure guests do not need to leave their hotel.

Even if Mar de las Pampas also has first-class accommodation, this is a district specially thought for families and for each member to enjoy the forest and the sea through all kinds of activities.

Many families have settled down in the area and found everything they were looking for. Its proximity to Mar de las Pampas and the City of Villa Gesell ensures that everything lies close and at hand for those who choose to live in the forest, steps away from the sea.

As we walked around, we discovered a campsite overlooking the sea. Experts assure it is one of the most beautiful in Argentina. The possibility of camping inside the forest and enjoying the sea is not usual on the Atlantic coast.
  • Dunes


  • Perfect for families

    Perfect for families

  • The forest

    The forest

  • Horse riding

    Horse riding

  • Ample beaches

    Ample beaches

A small commercial center provides the supplies tourists and locals need. Daily groceries, as well as all the ingredients for a good asado may be bought there. Also, fishermen offer their freshest products for sale at this location.

Eventually, we got to the sea and found ourselves on ample beaches. This sight was typical in the past. However, at certain spots, the beaches have become narrower due to the incorrect amount of constructions on the shore.

Ideal for anglers from dusk to dawn. Perfect for families round the clock. A nice stop for those heading for the Querandí Lighthouse. That is Mar Azul.

Pablo Etchevers / Gentileza Vivimarazul.com.ar


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