Relax and Health at the Spas in Las Gaviotas

Health, beauty and relaxation are part of the common sense of a spa. Since their opening, they have attracted many tourists. They come to switch off from the world and in this way improve their quality of life.

The arrival of important spa complexes in the Atlantic coast is a fact and there is something to bear in mind in this regard. Now, one can vacation all year round. The same goes for the short outings at weekends.

Ever since the tourist complexes have incorporated spas, winter is no longer winter and the same goes for summer. In the past, the Atlantic coast was visited by its fans in the summer season as well as during the long weekends. However, in the last few years the complexes remain open 365 days a year to accommodate visitors.

When Beauty Is Natural

Diving in the pools or relaxing in the mineralized waters of the Jacuzzi are some of the pleasures recommended by those who have already tried and experienced them. For a while, the mind sets aside the daily worries to achieve a well-deserved rest and just relax. That’s what the spa is all about.

  • Aldea de Mar

    Aldea de Mar

  • Oceanview


  • Relax and Health

    Relax and Health

  • Paradisiacal places

    Paradisiacal places

  • Relax both physically and mentally

    Relax both physically and mentally

  • Seaweed and petal baths

    Seaweed and petal baths

  • Important spa complexes

    Important spa complexes

In Las Gaviotas, this can be breathed and watched in every complex. There are also beauty and health specialists that assist visitors to guide them and advise them during their stay.

Mud treatments and aromatherapy, seaweed and petal baths, massage sessions and other stress reduction techniques invite tourists to stay longer in these paradisiacal places.

Specialized physicians give advice in many of these places about anti-stress therapies while gym trainers deal with those who have or have had any physical conditions or need rehabilitation, or just want to have routine workout.

One has to enter and be carried away by the characteristics and secrets of the place. A few meters from the fierceness of the sea but rationally protected from the world to relax both physically and mentally

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Aldea de Mar

Calle 29 (Juan Azopardo) y Playa () Las Gaviotas, Buenos Aires

Tel: +54 2255-472285

Rincón del Mar Spa & Resort

Playa y Calle 30 () Las Gaviotas, Buenos Aires

Tel: +54 2255-456003

El Remanso del Bosque

Alte. Brown y Viña del Mar () Las Gaviotas, Buenos Aires

Tel: +54 2255-458007 Cel: +54 11-5379982

Bear in mindBear in mind: Las Gaviotas is one of the newest locations on the Atlantic coast. Perhaps that is the reason why its owners have understood that they need adapt to the needs of modern life to stand out from the rest of the traditional cities. With the incorporation of a spa, there is no doubt that they are on the right track.


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