Eating out at Las Gaviotas

The small and coquettish shire known as Las Gaviotas is a paradise from all perspectives. In addition to this, there are a few sites, which may be counted on the fingers of one hand, where eating is a pleasure. Palapa is one of them.

A Place in the World

There are places worth visiting where it is possible to perceive the tracks of those who have been thinking about details to surprise first-time visitors. Palapa is one of these sites, where every inch gives evidence of the constant presence of its owners, who do not let anything left to chance.

Its architecture, which combines the sea and the mountain, conquers the view of those who are amazed at this strange grand house where white washed walls, glass and wood are combined in a spectacular way, just like eccentric patterns. The white outside and the soft colors inside are perfectly combined with lanterns and candles of various shapes and sizes which not only light up the place but invite customers to see every corner.

Gourmet Specialties

Night and day, this place welcomes dozens of customers who wander about on the beach, the woodlands or the small streets of this also small city.
  • Perfect balance with what it looks like

    Perfect balance with what it looks like

  • Quesadillas


  • Worth visiting

    Worth visiting

  • Eating is a pleasure

    Eating is a pleasure

Anyone may approach some of the chefs to talk about unique recipes and food, not only to learn about what each customer tastes but also to hear about the benefits of each choice.

Sole with crunchy potato flakes and pumpkin bread, pollack en papillote with oyster sauce and glazed baby onions or the traditional paella and seafood casserole, along with the squid rings, make up the sea products wisely chosen by the chef.

Homemade pasta, tenderloin wrapped in bacon with creamy potato layers, multicolor tagliatelle with fresh tomato and basil and quesadillas with various sauces to be chosen by the customer complete a wide range of options where good food is the most natural thing in the world.

Desserts, as well as wines, are first-prize winners. The most popular are chocolate Mozart –a masterpiece of the house-, and brownies with grapefruit and chocolate semifreddo. Exquisite.

All this lets us assert that Palapa is in perfect balance with what it looks like. A place where food is part of a perfect whole that customers search and always know they will find.
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Useful Data

Bear in mind: Palapa is open all year round, both during the day and at night. In the afternoon, the site is visited by those who wish to taste some tea or other beverages while they stare at the vastness of the ocean.


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