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Beagle Channel Navigation

The excursions embarked through the Beagle Channel show a heritage rich in biodiversity, and a little further, tell stories of explorers.

Contemplative Tourism

Paseo del Fuego, a Cozy Shopping Mall

The city at the world’s end boasts its first shopping mall. A site of encounter where the latest fashion trends, indoor entertainment and supermarket shopping are combined.

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Trekking Lake Icebergs and glacier Vinciguerra

The landscape around Vinciguerra Glacier and <i>Laguna de los Témpanos</i> (Ice Floe Lake) is closer to sci-fi than to reality. Explore the unbelievable.

Contemplative Tourism

Ushuaia city tour

The experience in Ushuaia is fed back when part of the history and its most significant or curious places are known. City tour proposal.


Canopy in Ushuaia

Canopy is a different way to discover Ushuaia and its entire natural environment with forests and glaciers. An adventure full of emotions like no other.

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Festival Internacional de Ushuaia

La ciudad de Ushuaia se viste de gala para dar comienzo al Festival Internacional de Música Clásica.

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There Is Nothing Like Cycling In The Summer

When the summer comes, days seem to be endless. That is why, the southernmost city in the world is the perfect location to cycle in the summertime. Cyclers may go on pedalling until sunset.

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Ushuaia and its Winter Resorts

A few kilometers away from the City of Ushuaia, the southernmost in the world, there are various winter resorts which have been specially designed both for grown-ups and children. Amusement starts as soon as the snow begins to fall.


Fuegian History Theme Gallery

The museum halls revive the events and legends of this fascinating region at the world’s end. We have even read about some of them in books.

AviationContemplative Tourism

Towards the Great Lakes with Heliushuaia

Flying over the fantastic scenes of Tierra del Fuego on a helicopter is hard to imagine. Those who choose this adventure will certain have an experience second to none.


Cerro Alarkén Nature Reserve

The nature reserve is perfect to discover all the stages of the Fuegian forest and the immensity that appears beyond the sea, the hills and the glacial valleys.

Ski & Snowboard

Ski in Cerro Castor

In the end of Patagonia during its fourth winter season you will discover the newest ski resort in Argentina nearest to the end of the continent.

Dream environments in Cariló and Ushuaia

Cariló and Ushuaia are two dream destinations. The first with all the charm of its beaches; the second, with the frame of the mountain range unmatched.

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The Longest Night in the World

Every year, the longest night in the world is celebrated in Ushuaia on June 21, when the city gets decked out and sleeping is forbidden.

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Tourist reserve on the way to the Martial glacier

Road to the Martial Glacier brings together establishments committed to sustainable practices and environmental care. A tour to meet them.


Close to the Sky, Heliskiing and Snowboarding in Ushuaia

This new sport consists in reaching the best locations in the mountain by helicopter and then skiing downhill. A way for skiers' dreams to come true.

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Navigating the Beagle Channel

A dream come true for many people: sailing the Beagle Channel undoubtedly is one of the greatest attractions in the City of Ushuaia.


Beagle, Premium Beer

Tasting a delicious mug of icy beer turns out to be satisfying at any season. There are labels for every taste.


Martial Glacier Ascent

Close to the city, Martial Glacier is a great option for nature lovers.

Off-RoadContemplative Tourism

Off Road 4WD. The Best Experience in Ushuaia

An indescribable ride around wild scenes where adventure becomes mixed up with the experience of men in these lands. An incredible tour that unveils the most remote nooks of Ushuaia. Suitable for all audiences.


Paintball in Ushuaia

Paintball is a tactical and combat strategy game that is most popular as a sporting activity. In Ushuaia this activity has a natural framework that is a wonderful ally to practice it.

Mountain BikeContemplative Tourism

There Is Nothing Better Than Riding a Bike In the Winter

Ushuaia is a beautiful city to see while riding a bike and, though it may seem hard to believe, when the winter comes, this is the perfect outing. Even on ice, cyclists may enjoy memorable moments on a mountain bike.

TrekkingContemplative Tourism

Searching for Lake Esmeralda

Lake Esmeralda is a perfect outing in the surroundings of Ushuaia, ideal for hiking around in groups.


Scuba Diving in Southern Waters

Forests of algae plants, sea animals and mysterious shipwrecks make up the ideal setting for adventurers eager to explore the other side of the Beagle Channel, the one under the sea.

Contemplative Tourism

Malvinas War Memorial

This city saw the war against Great Britain from a very close distance. The deep local feeling was portrayed in a monumental work on Islas Malvinas Square.

Contemplative Tourism

Tierra del Fuego National Park

Created in 1960 to protect the southernmost forests by the Beagle Channel, Tierra del Fuego National Park covers an area of 63,000 hectares.

Ski & Snowboard

Ushuaia: Host of the Interski

Ushuaia, an avant-garde city when it comes to international events, has welcomed the Interski 2015. Urban, sport and technological works have been carried out for such purpose.

Contemplative Tourism

Visiting Lake Fagnano

Upon crossing the Andes from Ushuaia, the Great Island of Tierra del Fuego features imposing natural scenes, among which famous Lake Fagnano emerges.


The End of the World Museum

The <i>Museo del Fin del Mundo</i> (End of the World Museum) holds a remarkable collection of pieces of the first expeditions and the indigenous people who inhabited these coasts.

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Discovering Legendary <i>Estancia</i> Harberton

Visiting famous <i>estancia</i> Harberton is a way of understanding the City of Ushuaia, sailing the Beagle, seeing a colony of Magellanic penguins and much more.

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Flying over Ushuaia by Helicopter

Attractions at the world’s end include a fascinating experience: watching the area from above.


The Maritime Museum, Prison at the End of the World

Ushuaia has grown by the sea, under the watchful gaze of the prison. Both museums, the Maritime and the Prison, bear witness to the passing of time.

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Dog Winter next to Gato Curuchet

Valle de los Lobos is the name of Gato Curuchet’s sled dog kennels, one of the most imposing sites that may be visited in the surroundings of the City of Ushuaia.


Ushuaia´s Varied Cuisine

Gastronomy is one of the strengths of the City of Ushuaia. Praised both by locals and international tourists, it is well worth trying.

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Mare Australis, a Tierra del Fuego Classic

Considered by many the most surprising outing in Ushuaia which everyone will love, even those who never dreamed of reaching Cape Horn

TrekkingContemplative Tourism

A Summer Day with Gato Curuchet.

When summer arrives in the southern hemisphere days grow longer and it’s time for the best excursions, like the ones Gato Curuchet provides.

Contemplative Tourism

Ushuaia, at the Tip of the Continent

As in all great tourist cities in the world, the best way to get to know the present and past of Ushuaia is the double decker city tour.

Contemplative Tourism

The End of the World Train

Passengers from all over the world come to glimpse a piece of Argentina´s history of the last century. The train is a ride that crosses those roads.

Tourism in Tierra del Fuego

The Isla Grande de Tierra del Fuego, on the southern end of the country, features must see natural charms. Ushuaia is the capital city of the Province and a first-class tourist pole.

Hotels and accommodations in Ushuaia

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