Dog Winter next to Gato Curuchet

Valle de los Lobos is the name of Gato Curuchet’s sled dog kennels, one of the most imposing sites that may be visited in the surroundings of the City of Ushuaia.
Ushuaia, the last confines of the Earth, is one of those sites where the wit and determination of a man to dwell in one of the most inhospitable places nature can present may be appreciated. Whoever has read “The Call of the Wild”, one of the best novels by Jack London, can already imagine these southern moors.

A Cat Surrounded by Dogs

A few kilometers away from the southernmost city in the world, there lies Valle de los Lobos (Valley of Wolves), an incredible site that may be visited year round. Sled dogs are bred there. Most of them are Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes, the real lords of these lands. But their leader is a feline among dogs: Gato Curuchet, whose nickname stands for “cat” in Spanish.
The lord of the wolves was born in Tandil (Province of Buenos Aires) and had dreamed about seeing the ice of Alaska ever since he was a child, encouraged by the stories told by Jack London. When he had the opportunity to experience the so long-awaited adventure in the Artic, a sign from destiny marked his life forever: he lost the ship that would carry him to Alaska and stayed forever at that port in the City of Ushuaia, where the scenery is quite similar to the one that was awaiting him on the other side of the globe.
  • Beyond the End of the World

    Beyond the End of the World

  • Alaskan Husky

    Alaskan Husky

  • As in the Arctic

    As in the Arctic

  • Gato Curuchet

    Gato Curuchet

  • The shelter

    The shelter

Winter beyond the End of the World

How can a visitor resist the chance to get on a sled pulled by dogs as soon as they get this information? Of course the typical questions emerge: how, where and when, along with the expectation of such an excursion.
The adventure does not only consist in riding a sled pulled by dogs. It is combined with snowshoeing, hiking through the woods to reach the famous beaver lodges or the chance to visit the village of one of the native peoples of the island of Tierra del Fuego: the yámanas.

Must Visits

Whoever wishes to make contact with nature in its purest state during the winter season should take advantage of the typical tours leading to Fogón Blanco, Kilak ride and the traditional Valle de los Lobos. All these options guarantee unforgettable adventures.

It is impossible to put into few words the affection Gato Curuchet feels for his canine friends. The relationship between man and dog is only explained by watching them communicate without words. One snap, one look or one expression are enough for all the dogs in the team to understand what they should do.

Stop and Reflection

After crossing the majestic Carbajal Valley, Gato makes a stop for everyone –men and dogs alike- to rest while visitors observe the marks left by the sleds on the snow and the scenery cries out that Valle de los Lobos is a place second to none.
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Useful Data

Tour type: Contemplative

Bear in mind: Gato Curuchet is beyond any doubt one of the most emblematic characters in the City Ushuaia. I met him about 10 years ago. We arrived in Ushuaia with the old and famous outdoors magazine called Aire y sol and we were amazed to see him surrounded by so many dogs. A simple man who found his place in the world and especially his mission on it, which he wants to share and teach to all those who visit this region. A great man, indeed.


Valle de Lobos
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