Flying over Ushuaia by Helicopter

A low flight connects passengers with every aspect of the city and its surroundings, packed with mountain ranges, waterways and sea channels of extreme scenic beauty.

Ushuaia, the southernmost city in the world, has always lured visitors due to its imposing geography. In addition to all its magic, there exists the chance to hire a helicopter flight at Heliushuaia, a company expert in the matter.

A group of specialists is carrying out a project that guarantees tourists will take home the best of memories: seeing the surroundings of the city from the air. We went on this private tour taking off at the runway of the old airport of Ushuaia.

The weather conditions were quite favorable and after the necessary technical instructions were given and the last arrangements were made, we felt a hole in our stomach that announced we were setting out. Suspended in the air, our first impression was to notice how close and imposing the whole scene looked: the downtown, the bay, the harbor and the Beagle Channel were right in front of us like never before.

  • A fascinating experience

    A fascinating experience

  • The southernmost city in the world

    The southernmost city in the world

  • A magical memory

    A magical memory

  • Shipwrecks


  • Inhospitable nooks

    Inhospitable nooks

  • Named R44

    Named R44

  • We remained there for some minutes observing it all

    We remained there for some minutes observing it all

The aircraft gained height in order to head for the Olivia River Valley and the mount bearing the same name. Seconds later, we saw Mounts Susana and Cinco Hermanos. The maneuvers of the Robinson 44 were fast, silent and making sudden shifts.

Our guide provided information about the inhospitable nooks, mountains and islands that made up the landscape of Tierra del Fuego. “This helicopter is ideal for sighting flights. The windows provide an exceptional visibility towards its three sides free of any interference.”

We were surprised by the Carbajal Valley and its intensely colorful peat bogs. Farther ahead, Lake Esmeralda –whose name stands for “emerald” in Spanish- showed off the incredible green hue of its waters coming from the glacier known as Ojo del Albino. This is one of the most highly appreciated points by those who enjoy hiking and camping in Ushuaia.

Following the layout of Route 3 in the Valley of Tierra Mayor, we came across the winter resorts famous for their trails of downhill and cross-country ski. It is at these venues that different activities on the snow capture the attention of visitors.

The helicopter lowered its nose and started its way back to the Beagle Channel. It crossed the Andes through the Encajonado River Valley and then deposited us softly on the summit of 1,300-meter-high Mount Le Cloche. We made a stop and could not believe our eyes as we got off. This 360-degree viewpoint displayed the most amazing features of this place.

The intensely cold temperature and an incredible silence made us enjoy those minutes in the open air. The city looked small but breathtaking below us. The mountain ranges, the color of the sea and the complex geography left their track in our spirits.

This ecological ride came to an end at the same point it had started: the airport. Without causing pollution, the helicopter and its pilot will continue to cross the skies of Tierra del Fuego and generate memorable moments like the one we had just experienced.

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