Malvinas War Memorial

This city saw the war against Great Britain from a very close distance. The deep local feeling was portrayed in a monumental work on Islas Malvinas Square.

For Argentinians, April 2, 1982 refers to an unequal confrontation during which many young men were killed. The Malvinas War National Historical Monument stands in the center of the City of Ushuaia, a very appropriate space to commemorate the fight.

This architectural piece was carried out by citizens who wished to pay tribute to the Argentinian soldiers that died on the islands. A group of plastic artists contributed their work, including design and production.

The physical space devoted to this undertaking was increased and today it includes a lawn of artificial grass, a large sculpture mural, a mast, a shrine and a cenotaph which spans for almost 20 meters and whose flame burns 24/7.

As we reached the city, we walked along its ocean drive up to the corner of Maipú Avenue and Fique footbridge, where the venue is located. We stopped there for a while, ready to observe each detail, the commemoration plates, historical photographs and the view of the urban area and the waterfront caught from this spot.

  • Embodied in a monumental work

    Embodied in a monumental work

  • Grief


  • Commemorative plaques

    Commemorative plaques

  • Photos sad moments that mark

    Photos sad moments that mark

  • A protest poster

    A protest poster

  • Farewells


  • In the Falkland Islands Square

    In the Falkland Islands Square

The mural was made of bronze and it contains a cut-out image of the Malvinas Islands against the sky. It seemed to invite us towards them across the sea. The wind blew through that hole, contributing desolation to the well-known silhouette. The local weather, usually rainy, added another detail full of sadness.

Afterwards, we mourned in front of each of the photos that give evidence of the unpleasant moments that should never have taken place. We felt the same way as we faced the 649 plates that read the names of all the soldiers who died in the battlefield.

A shrine shelters the image of Mother Mary, a replica of Our Lady of Luján blessed by Pope Francis and guided as Our Lady of Malvinas.

Every year on April 1, a vigil is held at this square. It is attended by former soldiers and denizens of the city to remember the beginning of the war. On the following day, the homage and mourning continues.

Ushuaia, capital of the Province of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and islands of the South Atlantic, has the privileged to devote a space of its own to the brave soldiers that fought for Malvinas. All of us, visitors to the city, felt moved and dedicated our deep thoughts to such heroic deed.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Pablo Etchevers


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