Ushuaia: Host of the Interski

The passion of ski, constantly challenging snow and mountain conditions, contributed new trends regarding resources and materials during the event.

The snow quality, the disposition of its hillside and its location on parallel 54 are well-known features of Cerro Castor and its trails in Ushuaia. In spite of being the youngest ski resort in Argentina, it boasts a high-technology service infrastructure. This has resulted in its appointment as host of the Interski Congress 2015.

This renowned technical encounter was held at the refurbished facilities of Castor. The congress summoned the most outstanding skiers and instructors, who have displayed their technical abilities, their training methodology and equipment to practice ski and snowboarding. Every detail was watched from a close distance by an organizing committee in order to manage a perfect plan of action and a memorable week.

The City of Ushuaia takes pride in having been chosen for such a significant event and its people have accepted the challenge as a group. Every winter, Cerro Castor welcomes international competition teams that choose it for their own training. On this occasion, a wide array of visitors came along to witness the event that took place in a country located in the southern hemisphere for the first time ever.

  • The passion of ski

    The passion of ski

  • The snow quality, the disposition of its hillside

    The snow quality, the disposition of its hillside

  • Location on parallel 54

    Location on parallel 54

  • New trends

    New trends

  • The city located at the world’s end

    The city located at the world’s end

The main referents of ski in the world have already gathered, not only to appoint this venue but also to make all necessary arrangements concerning the organization of the event. Authorities of the AADIDES (Asociación de Instructores de Esquí y Snowboard) -which stands for Ski and Snowboarding Instructors Association in Spanish-, as well as of the national and provincial governments and the international committee, have agreed upon the main details. The biggest surprise so far has been the blessing sent by His Holiness Pope Francis.

Cerro Castor, located in the valley known as Tierra Mayor, was in a festive mood during one week in September. The works done will remain in the venue and so will the congress glory. High quality powder snow, the exceptional disposition of its hillsides and the friendly spirit of the Fuegian people are a promise for new issues of this event. Ushuaia takes pride in having succeeded in giving shelter to the most competent skiers on the planet.

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