Paseo del Fuego, a Cozy Shopping Mall

After an all-day tour, wandering around its three stories is an ideal option to leave the cold southern temperatures outside and enjoy window shopping or have a nice cup of coffee.
The City of Ushuaia has grown significantly. As a result, it is only logical that new challenges be carried out every day. Though its construction took several years, Paseo del Fuego has become a boom and now its cozy facilities lure locals and visitors alike.

As one of our tours finished, our friends from Ushuaia invited us to go around the new commercial venue. It was windy and cold outside. Of course this changed as soon as we crossed the access door. We were welcomed by the warmth, the ample spaces and the large windows that connected us with the outside.

We noticed the different gallery-shaped levels as we admired the elegant shop windows. We asked about prices and gradually warmed up. Then we left our children at a playground and continued browsing.
  • We were welcomed by the warmth

    We were welcomed by the warmth

  • Wandering around its three floors

    Wandering around its three floors

  • A comfortable building

    A comfortable building

  • This top mega undertaking

    This top mega undertaking

  • An elegant atmosphere

    An elegant atmosphere

  • The food yard

    The food yard

We had visited Ushuaia more than once and we noticed that the opening of Paseo del Fuego is a turning point within the tourist structure. For a while, adventure sports have completed the traditional tour offer. Now, there is one more option: this top mega undertaking.

Adults and children were reunited at the food yard. Each of us had the chance to choose exactly what we wished to eat. We took advantage of the variety of options available. Thus, we all got to our table carrying our own trays.

We had our snack while being delighted by a panoramic view of the bay and the port on the Beagle Channel through the huge windows. We saw an enormous vessel moored at the wharf. As we asked the waiter, he told us: “Foreign tourists who reach the city on board these cruises usually visit the shopping mall to purchase top national brand apparel”. This is another thing Ushuaia takes pride in.

We finished our snack and went towards the cinema area, where we were pleased to notice that the movies that were on were the same as in Buenos Aires. It was good news for us, as we had not seen them yet. We just had to agree on the timetable.

During certain seasons, short days and harsh weather are very common. This excellent shopping mall is an ideal entertainment in such cases too. After the practice of extreme sports, sailing in the sea or hiking, Paseo del Fuego offers relaxing moments inside a comfortable building.

Every year in March, the mall is the seat of an unusual activity: Short Track Shimano, a mountain bike race held both inside and outside the venue. The first floor, the parking and the surroundings are turned into a circuit and everything becomes movement, joy and adrenaline.

What was clear to us was that Paseo del Fuego is the most popular meeting point among denizens of Ushuaia. For us visitors, the famous saying “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” was perfectly applicable to the situation.
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