Ushuaia´s Varied Cuisine

Gastronomy is one of the strengths of the City of Ushuaia. Praised both by locals and international tourists, it is well worth trying.

According to experts, eating spider crab at the Beagle Channel is a mandatory experience in Ushuaia. In addition to this singular dish, the local restaurants invite customers to discover the benefits of Patagonian toothfish, seafood and the traditional lamb.

Kuar, an almost Divine Pleasure

Ushuaia has unique sites to eat. Some of them are simply unforgettable. Kuar is a restaurant located on the way to one of the hills in town. Its tables feature an incredible panoramic view of the southern city.

Every detail is taken care of and appreciated at first sight in each of the delicacies prepared in the venue and the famous signature cuisine.

  • Kuar 1900

    Kuar 1900

  • Tante Sara

    Tante Sara

  • Kuar, an almost divine pleasure

    Kuar, an almost divine pleasure

  • Tante Sara, seafood tradition

    Tante Sara, seafood tradition

  • Gustino


  • Patagonian lamb

    Patagonian lamb

  • Kuar, own specialties of the house

    Kuar, own specialties of the house

“Kuar” means “channel” in the Yamana tongue (the one spoken by the first nations that dwelled in this area thousands of years ago). Famous for its pasta, its black ravioli filled with smoked salmon are mouth-watering. The lamb and spider crab served at Kuar undoubtedly turn it into one mandatory stop for visitors.

Its tutor, Andrés Ayala, is one of the most prestigious cooks in Ushuaia and this is evident in the varied flavors included in the menu, which is updated every season.

Tante Sara, Excellent Pasta and Seafood Tradition

No sooner is the access gate to Tante Sara crossed than a world of unique aromas capable of making breakfast, lunch and dinner time linger on is unveiled. Everyday, the kitchen of this venue produces incredible true signature cuisine that combines the best pasta on the island with the freshest seafood caught in the Beagle Channel.

The modern design of the venue is also cozy and invites customers to enjoy both the coffee-place and bakery area and the restaurant featuring comfortable couches. Assistance is perfect and the quality of the dishes is often praised and celebrated by visitors. Considered by many as one of the best restaurants where pasta and seafood are the stars of the show, some outstanding dishes are as spider-crab little ravioli or bi-color ravioli stuffed with spider-crab and prawn, as well as dark spaghetti with seafood or seafood sauce. The lamb stew is another specialty and is strictly accompanied with fine wine, generally Malbec. There are many options for dessert, but the famous Cumbres Nevadas (Snow-capped mountains) is the most popular.

Tante Sara, a site where eating continues to be a pleasure at any time of the day, either in the company of family or friends.

Christopher, Young Flavor

In the middle of the downtown and next to the bay, we came across Christopher Grill & Cerveza Restaurant, famous for its specialties cooked in the masonry oven and charcoal grilled options. As we went in, we found ourselves immersed in an extremely modern atmosphere featuring American style with pleasant Patagonian details.

An ample bar covered with glass invited us to enjoy a drink before dinner. The very attentive bartenders recommended two cocktails: coctel cocodrillo and copa caipiamado, which feature a personal touch. The ladies ordered a delicious strawberry and peach daiquiri.

We were shown to our table and had a look at the menu. We paid attention to the wide array of dishes, some of them Latin American, and a great deal of pizza options. We all made our orders: grilled pork ribs, charcoal grilled chicken breast with potatoes baked in the masonry oven and salsa criolla. Children can chose the classic Shepherd´s pie or gnocchi with Bolognese sauce. We appreciated the generous servings, the good presentation and the exquisite taste.

Craft beer, including dark, pale, red, honey and smoked varieties, may be tasted on more informal occasions. They may be accompanied with tasty empanadas de carne cortada a cuchillo cooked in the masonry oven or other fast food specialties.

The large windows overlook the Beagle Channel. The old and historical tugboat called Saint Christopher stands In the foreground. A fantastic tip not to miss this good eating place in town.

Gustino: Eating Well at the World´s End

Gustino is a gastronomic space located in the center of the City of Ushuaia. Its menu offers everything customers want, including excellent regional cuisine and a wide array of services. The most traditional dishes in the area made with local ingredients are combined with the experience and creativeness of outstanding chefs.

It is impossible to refuse a regional breakfast served very early on the Beagle Channel. At noon, seafood, fish and meat are the main stars. At sunset, hot chocolate is matched with some homemade pastry for a perfect finale during a busy afternoon at the southernmost city in the world. For dinner, this cuisine promises an authentic experience of regional flavors. A journey into the impossible.

Delicias Kuar last in 1900

In the heart of the city of Ushuaia, located on Calle San Martin, in an old house built in 1905 that belonged to the ancient inhabitants of Tierra del Fuego is Kuar 1900. The house, outside the Luizon Family, was recycled perfect way for work there is a new option fueguina excellent gastronomy has Ushuaia.

The visitor will be surprised by the dishes and culinary creations with regional products (crab, black hake, trout and lamb, among others), as well as by the already famous tables chopped, sea and mountain, accompanied by excellent local microbrews. Queen warmth and good treatment, so as not love us never go End of the World.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Gentileza de los Restaurantes

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Kuar 1900

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Kuar 1900

San Martín 471 (9410) Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego

Tel: +54 2901-436807 Cel: +54 2901-521633

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