Fuegian History Theme Gallery

The museum halls revive the events and legends of this fascinating region at the world’s end. We have even read about some of them in books.

In the City of Ushuaia, the Fuegian History Museum offers a space for culture and learning as it shows scenes of the peoples that gave origin to the occupation of this distant and desert territory in a dynamic and clever way.

Feeling willing to go through this experience, we moved around the different spaces where 36 pictures had been hanged on the walls in chronological order. As well, 120 life-size figures represent a faithful reproduction of the composition of human groups, their characteristics and ways of survival.

The first ones to appear are the native yamanas, selknam, onas and haush communities, along with their primitive huts and weapons. Then, there are those who came along by water from distant points challenging the tempests in the high seas. The knowledge and dedication of the people who carried out research and put together these scenes is more than evident, as they managed to unveil mysteries from the past and explain them.

  • A fascinating experience

    A fascinating experience

  • In a fun and clever way

    In a fun and clever way

  • 120 life-size figures

    120 life-size figures

  • Old Wolf Tavern

    Old Wolf Tavern

  • It pays homage to the Beagle Channel

    It pays homage to the Beagle Channel

  • Indigenous communities

    Indigenous communities

  • Stories, customs and facts

    Stories, customs and facts

Very interesting material about the history, customs and events that throw light over the different periods of the past has been gathered. A Scotsman named Ernest Shackleton (1874-1922) is one of the many explorers that have worked in the region and have left the imprint of their incredible exploits in Antarctica.

Tribute is paid to the Beagle Channel, including the moment it was discovered, the difficult conditions to navigate it and the multiple expeditions that have crossed it. Likewise, the Prison at the World’s End and the train that led the prisoners to the wood to collect firewood have their own corner inside the museum.

A tavern called Taberna del Viejo Lobo, specially conditioned in the old sailors’ style, has been opened on the fourth floor to complete this gallery of memories. Featuring large windows overlooking the port and the mountains, it is an invitation to taste typical dishes and some spirits, just like sea men used to.

As it is open for long hours, visitors have the chance to enjoy a good lunch or a hearty meal at tea time, including sweet and salty delicacies, or else, a picada with assorted products. We a arrived at this canteen in the afternoon and relished a memorable sunset at the same time we ordered a full hamburger and beer.

The museum tells history through scenes, thus making it more realistic. In turn, the canteen revives the old days and offers excellent cuisine to share with friends once an outing is over.

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