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High quality beer is a fantastic reason to meet with friends. Besides, it is highly popular when it comes to accompanying a good meal.

The craft beer boom has come to Patagonian cities to stay, especially in Ushuaia. Brands like Beagle and Cape Horn were developed following traditional recipes later joined by young and interesting proposals, well-accepted by many palates.

While on vacations in Ushuaia, we went around pubs and restaurants and tasted various kinds of beer. As we visited Beagle Brewery, we were allowed in and shown a little bit about its history and elaboration process.

The venue stands out for its hygiene and neatness at each of the areas. The product is made in large stainless-steel barrels and the quality of ingredients is prioritized. Glacial water as well as a painstaking selection of Patagonian hop, German and Belgian malt and European Ale yeast are used. No chemical products are added.

  • High quality beer

    High quality beer

  • The craft beer boom

    The craft beer boom

  • Following traditional recipes

    Following traditional recipes

  • Tierra del Fuego Certified Quality Stamp

    Tierra del Fuego Certified Quality Stamp

As we moved around the rooms, we heard a very illustrative chat given by the man in charge of the brewery. He told us details about fermentation, maturation and storage. Everything is under control by specialized staff, just like in famous wineries. At first, they used their own formulas, based on trial and error. Later on, they gradually developed their own traits.

The timely assistance paid by experienced technicians contributed to improving quality and production. Therefore, certain elaboration steps were reviewed. Such modifications opened up the gates to new markets and the awarding of the Tierra del Fuego Certified Quality Stamp in 2012, which guarantees origin and value.

A few years ago, Beagle and Cape Horn Breweries merged in order to continue making beverages in the original styles. At present, these include: pale, red, dark, honey, ale, wheat, smoked and Indian pale ale.

We did not have the chance to taste these varieties at the venue but our visit certainly provided evidence of the professional standards followed to carry out this process with effort and dedication.

Almost every gastronomic venue in Ushuaia offers both brands in their draft version. Frosty, with excellent aroma and presence, it is also available in different packaging options at local supermarkets. As our vacations came to an end, we bought some comfortable individual boxes at a regional product shop to take home.

According to what we heard, the owners of the brewery are working to raise their own showroom. We wished them luck and promised to pay another visit on our next trip to Ushuaia.

Fuegian Beverage Company S.A. - Cerveza Beagle
Address: 4160, Héroes de Malvinas Street
Te: 54 2901 15 549351.

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