Republic Square

The luminous fountain ornamenting this square is part of the eternal homage that the people pay to those big seamen Almirante Guillermo Brown and Comandante Luis Piedrabuena...

We visit the Republic Square in Río Gallegos, which is famous for its light source. It was built and kept alive in homage to Admiral Guillermo Brown and Commander Luis Piedrabuena, the latter considered a constant defender of the Patagonian territory of Argentina.

William Brown (born William Brown, Foxford, County Mayo, Kingdom of Ireland, present day Republic of Ireland, June 22, 1777 - Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 3, 1857) was the first Argentinean nationalized Admiral of the Force Naval of Argentina, as much in the chronology as in the prestige, that consecrated its life to the service of its country of adoption by what is considered the Father of the Argentine Navy.

Miguel Luis de Piedrabuena Rodríguez better known as Luis Piedrabuena (Carmen de Patagones, August 24, 1833 - Buenos Aires, August 10, 1883) but less often as Luis Piedra Buena was an Argentine patriot whose actions in eastern Patagonia - In addition to the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego and the Antarctic peninsula since 1848 - consolidated the territorial sovereignty, when then that region was little inhabited by tehuelches towns under the greater cacicazgo of Casimiro "Biguá" Fourmantin and almost null of white population, besides not being Protected by the national State.

  • Eternal homage that the people pay to those big seamen

    Eternal homage that the people pay to those big seamen

  • The luminous fountain

    The luminous fountain

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