Coast Road and Monument to the Heroic Argentine Pilot

If you go for a walk along Angel Sureda coast road, you will have the opportunity to observe a wide pebble beach and the outlet of Gallegos river, that...

This coast road is more than 1000 metres long. The river forms an estuary of an intense blue color produced by the wide tidal wave.

You will be surrounded by smooth plateaus that descend to the sea and give a frame to the maritime landscape.
The limits of the outlet are Cape Buen Tiempo to the north, and Punta Loyola and Port Presidente Illia to the south.

The Monument to the Heroic Argentine Pilot, a figure looking in the direction of the Falkland Islands, pays a fair homage to the airmen fallen during the Falkland's War.

Opposite the estuary you can contemplate the work carried out on a project of the artist Eduardo Menicelli, inaugurated on 19th December 1985 to commemorate the centenary of the arrival to Gallegos of the ship Villarino, which brought the materials for the construction of the Subprefectura, before the foundation of the city.

  • Angel Sureda coast road

    Angel Sureda coast road

  • The Monument to the Heroic Argentine Pilot

    The Monument to the Heroic Argentine Pilot

  • A wide pebble beach

    A wide pebble beach

If you go on walking, you will find the Monument to Don Bosco, inaugurated on 31st January 1989 in homage to the centenary of the beginning of Patagonian Evangelization.

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Dirección de Turismo de Rio Gallegos


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