Things to do in Río Gallegos

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<i>Estancia Monte Dinero</i>

In the last confines of Argentina, we visited estancia Monte Dinero, an authentic rural venue in Patagonia.


A Look into the Past

Rio Gallegos is a fortunate city since it has the possibility of showing its early beginnings and its culture to visitors for them to understand the customs, ideas and life of its ancestors.

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City tour in Río Gallegos

The city center offers enough attractions to go on a tour and identify punctual facts of the vast history of the metropolis and its present too.

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Coast Road and Monument to the Heroic Argentine Pilot

If you go for a walk along Angel Sureda coast road, you will have the opportunity to observe a wide pebble beach and the outlet of Gallegos river, that...

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Ex Swift Factory

You have probably heard about Swift meat processing plant, for what we suggest you visit the avenue Roca and Malaspina, where this meat processing factory was installed..


Flying over Río Gallegos

The city suggests a very interesting activity: flying above the area on a Cessna plane for an hour and a half in the heart of the Patagonian skies.

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Government House

If you are fond of walking, you can visit Casa de Gobierno, at 231 Alcorta street. On 4th January 1888, the then governor of the territory of Santa Cruz, Mr. Ramón Lista...

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Monument of the Fallen in The Falkland Islands

In 1989 the Municipality bid for the preliminary project for the construction of a square to commemorate the war of the Falkland Islands. The work elected was carried out by the Architect...


Museum of Pioneers

Housed by one of the most ancient constructions in the city, the Museum of Pioneers shows visitors the lifestyle of Río Gallegos in the early twentieth century.

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Railway Station

This narrow gauge train is on the railroad track farthest south in the world. The branch line was inaugurated on 25th May 1951 to serve the coal mines in Río Turbio...

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Republic Square

The luminous fountain ornamenting this square is part of the eternal homage that the people pay to those big seamen Almirante Guillermo Brown and Comandante Luis Piedrabuena...


Roberto Galian Railway Museum

We visited Roberto Galian Railway Museum and learned about the history, traditions and customs of the railway workers and miners in Santa Cruz.

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The Old Government's Bakery

It is a curiosity to visit the place where Mr. Francisco Bocca, married to Ms. Enriqueta Speroni, founded in 1906 a bakery unique for those times...

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The Roca's Balcony

If you go for a stroll, in Piedrabuena and Alcorta you will find a balcony that forms part of a construction of the end of XIX century, made in metal sheets and timber...

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Tour around Río Gallegos

The city located in the Province of Santa Cruz features stunning geographical, historical and cultural attractions.

Tourism in Santa Cruz

In spite of being located in the distant south, the Province of Santa Cruz is becoming a protagonist in all travel guides. There is so much to do that it is a wonderful option as a holiday destination.

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Unspoiled Natural Surroundings

Several excursions to the heart of the Patagonian steppe make a deep impression despite the weather and the gravel roads.

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Vírgenes and Dungenes Sentries

There are two permanent watchtowers at the end of the American continent: the lighthouses of Cabo Vírgenes and Punta Dúngenes. We visited both of them.

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