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You have probably heard about Frigorífico Swift, for what we suggest you visit the old plant in Malaspina and Roca avenue, where it started working in 1899 with the installation of the meat processing factory La Blanca, which was the base of the Compañía Swift de la Plata.

This factory was built next to other exististing plants, and they joined all their infraestructure with a cargo pier in the estuary, connected to a railway track.

In this plant they ellaborated selected ovine products, which were exported to Europe. The ships brought coal from England and returned with cold meat and canned ovine products.

At the beginning, the laborers, who reached more than 400 , were brought directly from the city of La Plata, and many of them stayed here forever.

Swift payed incredible sums to the cattle breeders who sold them the meat, and it was undoubtedly a progress factor until the modern times required other alternatives to the meat processing industry, production decreased, and the plant was closed.

  • Swift Refrigerator Wooden Barge

    Swift Refrigerator Wooden Barge

  • Roca y Malaspina

    Roca y Malaspina

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Dirección de Turismo de Rio Gallegos

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