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Perito Moreno Glacier - Santa CruzPerito Moreno Glacier - Santa Cruz
In spite of being located in the distant south, the Province of Santa Cruz is becoming a protagonist in all travel guides. It has so much to offer that it is a wonderful option as a holiday destination. It occupies a large area and provides a wide array of tourist resources and amazing views. Its vast geography shows off different types of soil, well-defined climates, low temperatures and strong temperature extremes.

The Andes Mountain Range is located on the western area of the territory, along with a sequence of lakes lying close to the Chilean border. Some of them are even shared by both countries. The Cities of Perito Moreno and Los Antiguos stand out for their lifestyles revolving around their water bodies, where angling is one of the most appealing activities. In turn, estancia tourism has become consolidated in the area of Gobernador Gregores. Visitors can observe the typical tasks related to sheep husbandry and enjoy fishing outings and adventure travel in the surroundings.

The glaciers are among the most extraordinary natural monuments man can behold. Los Glaciares National Park unfolds on the mountain range and the City of El Calafate is the access to its ancient ice fields, a spectacular world destination. It presents first-class accommodation and gastronomic options. A few kilometers away, El Chaltén, a small town at the foot of Mount Fitz Roy, has gained fame as the Argentinian hiking capital.

Several commercial ports where oil and cattle used to be shipped rest on the Atlantic coast, from Caleta Olivia to Río Gallegos. Today, they welcome tourists. Their gulfs, cliffs and ample beaches made of sand and pebbles invite everyone to go for a walk and fish in the sea. Deseado, San Julián and Santa Cruz face the sea horizon and are visited by lovers of unspoiled scenes.

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Nautical Safari to the Perito MorenoNautical Safari to the Perito Moreno

One of the most traditional excursions to visit the Perito Moreno Glacier consists in a navigating on a catamaran up to the highest walls and then making a stop in order to behold its grandeur.

Popularly known as the nautical safari, this tour displays the great white mass and all its cracks and peaks with different hues in an extremely safe way.

Up to Laguna de los TresUp to Laguna de los Tres

Reaching the base of Mount Fitz Roy creates the possibility that amateur climbers may enjoy this emblematic mount from a close distance. A difficult trek that pays off in the end.

This massif, which welcomes visitors from all over the world and whose climbing season starts in November and ends late in April, is framed by the Fitz Roy River valley to the South and the Eléctrico River –whose name stands for "electric" in Spanish - to the North.

Buenos Aires Southern WatersBuenos Aires Southern Waters

The border imaginary cuts this fantastic water body in two parts. On the Chilean side, it is known as Lake General Carreras. Its identity and beauty go beyond all nationalities.

It is called Buenos Aires but it could not be more different from the capital of the country. It is a classic Patagonian lake, with the charm of its generous waters when it comes to fishing and winds, which make it rough or calm, depending on the day.

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