Flying over Río Gallegos

The clear Patagonian skies let us enjoy an exhilarating activity: flying over solid ground and the point where it the land meets sea was like observing a map from the heights.

This is a unique experience that includes a magnificent and memorable air tour around the volcano area, the Patagonian steppe and the Strait of Magellan.

Though it might sound a little dangerous, there is no need to be afraid.

The pilots are highly experienced and have great knowledge of the winds in this region.

Thus, in order to start this adventure, we got in touch with a tourist operator who gladly explained to us all the safety measures required to go on this spectacular flight.

The adventure started at the local airport, where these flights usually take off. Without wasting any time, the pilots/guides took us around the air in Río Gallegos. They would share with us their knowledge of history, the particular local features and background. All this promised a wonderful tour around the Patagonian skies.

  • Departure from the air club

    Departure from the air club

  • Blue Lake

    Blue Lake

  • A group of friends

    A group of friends

The flight made us witnesses of a beauty second to none. We could observe several fascinating tourist spots: the famous Strait of Magellan, the Patagonian steppe and the impressive volcano area.

One of the first attractions we saw was the Río Gallegos Ria. This place boasts a very striking geography surrounded by fishing boats that ornament the wonderful scene.

Afterwards, the plane headed for the volcanoes. They are located on the Chilean border. One of the most spectacular volcanoes is the one containing Laguna Azul (Blue Lake) inside its crater. Its lava formations give shape to a matchless natural show.

In fact, the volcano formation and origin, as well as the depth of the lake are completely unknown. Some geologists assert that it is a spring of water from the Pacific; others reject this theory considering the ocean lies too far away. The truth is that it remains a great natural mystery.

Some minutes later, the plane flew parallel to the Strait of Magellan. We could see the penguin colony and Cabo Vírgenes lighthouse, on the east of the strait.

Then, the flight continued over the high cliffs at the end of the Patagonian steppe. It was at this moment when we spotted the froth made by the waves breaking fiercely against the pebble beach.

Punta Loyola was the last historical landmark we saw. This is the site where the ria joins the sea. A real thrill.

Eventually, we started our way back feeling certain that flying over Río Gallegos had been one of the most moving experiences we had ever had.

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