Government House

If you are fond of walking, you can visit Casa de Gobierno, at 231 Alcorta street. On 4th January 1888, the then governor of the territory of Santa Cruz, Mr. Ramón Lista...

On the 4th January 1888, the then governor of the Territory of Santa Cruz, Mr. Ramón Lista, transfers the capital to Río Gallegos, and immediately after, the first see of the Government was built in wood and zinc.

This first two storey building was constructed by Mr. Luis Noya in 1895, and there worked the government see for many years.

By the end of the thirties the construction was inadequate and did not coincide with the economic importance of the territory, for what Governor Gregores negotiated its dismantling and there set the basement for the new building that was assigned to the Police department.

In the contiguous place was built the Government House, which we suggest you visit.

  • 231 Alcorta street

    231 Alcorta street

  • The Government House

    The Government House

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