Tourism in Santa Fe

Santa Fe <i>alfajores</i> (photo: Pablo Etchevers)Santa Fe alfajores (photo: Pablo Etchevers)

The Province of Santa Fe perfectly combines two typical geographic sights of Argentina: the countryside and the area known as the Littoral.

Worldwide known for its livestock and agricultural values, in addition to the wealth provided by the endless Paraná River and the big cities lying on its banks, Santa Fe has everything visitors need in order to enjoy a memorable cultural and recreational stay.

Top class accommodation venues and restaurants, both in the City of Santa Feand Rosario, natural attractions, unique outings and historical sites throughout this territory make this province a must visit whatever the excuse.

Treasuring its own recipe for alfajores and beer, and well-famed all over the country for the customs, values and idiosyncrasy of its denizens, Santa Fe seduces all first-comers.

Also famous as the "boot-shaped" or "leg-shaped" province, we just need to look at a map to see how it mingles into the neighboring provinces, proposing different geographical traits.

Having Córdoba and Santiago del Estero to the West, Buenos Aires to the South, Entre Ríos and Corrientes to the East and Chaco to the North, Santa Fe guarantees amusement no matter what direction visitors choose or come from.

Featured Attractions

The Subfluvial TunnelThe Subfluvial Tunnel

As we approached the river, the road featured a soft slope downwards towards a kind of cavity with higher and higher walls. After a bend on the road, the entrance to the tunnel appeared before us. The journey to the bottom of the river was close.

The signs located at the access indicated not to overcome other cars and to respect maximum speed limits. Traffic lights went green. We continued advancing and daylight was left behind. The motorway got deep into the long and well-lighted tube of concrete.

El Cairo BarEl Cairo Bar

For many people, he was the greatest print cartoonist. Beloved by the whole City of Rosario and adored worldwide, "El Negro" Fontanarrosa comes alive at any café in this city.

Roberto Fontanarrosa found inspiration throughout his life in the City of Rosario, its cafés and, especially, in the characters who visit these venues. One of these cafés -which served as a meeting place for Fontanarrosa and his friends to talk about politics, women and soccer- was El Cairo Bar.

Santa Fe <i>Alfajores</i>Santa Fe Alfajores

Mentioning "Merengo" in the entire littoral area is talking about the best alfajores in Santa Fe. They were first made in the days when our country was just starting and their history and flavor have reached our days practically untouched.

History goes, and in this case it may be proved through countless tracks left in the City of Santa Fe, that in 1851 don Hermenegildo Zuviría, nicknamed Merengo, inaugurated one of the first stores to sell drinks in this city.

Santa Fe map