Santa Fe

Santa FeSanta Fe - Photos: Jorge González
Santa Fe is the capital city of the homonimous province. It is located in the mid-east of the country being a city that links the past with the present and owning a cultural heritage since it was the craddle of the Constitución de la Nación Argentina.
This region of the country has an important influence of Paraná River , that is why the climate has mediterranean features.
In Summer, there is a dominant hot and humid air with persistent northern hot winds while, in Winter, there is a mass of polar air lashing the region with cold weather and frosts. The average annual temperature ranges from 17º C to 21º C.
The city is located in a big plain that has trouble to drip the water, that is why there are many lagoons, streams and marshes that flow into Paraná River.
There is an important infrastructure for tourism developed due to the building of highways and subfluvial tunnels and, together with the beauty of the landscapes and the various attractions that the tourist can enjoy make him feel pleased to chose this region to spend his holidays.
Hunting, fishing, going on excursions, walks by the river drive , practising water sports in Paraná River ( 18 km away through Nº168 National Route ), visiting the Center of Spacial Observations or the Zoo- Experimental Station of the Farm La Esmeralda, make the tourist feel amazed and eager to know more about the region.
In a nutshell, Santa Fe offers a complete and varied shade of attractions that make one dive into history when visiting monuments, museums or find oneself in the beautiful parks, rivers and streams surrounded by wild flora and fauna.
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