Tourism in Chaco

Photos: Horacio Guillermo Such

Photos: Horacio Guillermo Such

The Province of Chaco shares a border with Salta and Santiago del Estero on the West, with Santa Fe on the South, with Formosa on the North and with Corrientes on the East. Three important rivers are part of these divisions: the Bermejo, the Paraguay and the Paraná.

General Manuel Belgrano Bridge joins the capital city, namely Resistencia, with the nearby capital of Corrientes, which stands on the other side of the Paraná River, a few kilometers away from the mouth of the Paraguay River.

Resistencia is well-known as the "city of sculptures" because it features over a hundred outdoor figures its denizens feel proud of. They represent a meeting point for the locals. The International Sculptures Biennial held in Resistencia summons the most celebrated artists and sculptors from Argentina and every year it gains more and more followers.

For anglers, the National Dorado Fishing Festival on the island known as Isla del Cerrito is one of the most outstanding events of the year. Likewise, the National Cotton Festival is held inland, at Presidente Roque Sáenz Peña, the thermal city of the province.

Chaco National Park was created in 1954. Ever since, it has preserved local wildlife. The jaguar still lurks this area and little by little, the place called "chacau" or chaco (hunting place) by the native dwellers has become a temple of nature we should always preserve.

Chaco map

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