Juan B. Castagnino Municipal Museum of Fine Arts

The Juan B. Castagnino Museum of Fine Arts is one of the most important museums in the country. Today, it opens its doors to show an exhibition about the Rosario artists’ society.

Located on one of the borders of the Parque Independencia, on Pellegrini Avenue, the Juan B. Castagnino Museum of Fine Arts is the most important museological center in the heart of the country. Conceived in 1936 as one of the most modern buildings for its time, it has two stories with a total of 35 exhibition rooms.

In the inside, it treasures works from all times, origins and schools. The museum’s heritage consists in two permanent collections: European art, from the XV to the XX century and Argentinian Art, from their precursors to contemporary artists.

In the first collection, the Flanders’ tables from the XVI century attributed to Mabuse and Gerard David, Italian and Spanish Baroque paintings, and the Francisco de Goya’s complete series, outstand among the most important works.

  • One of the most important museums in the country

    One of the most important museums in the country

  • It has two plants

    It has two plants

  • Works from all times

    Works from all times

  • The multiple expressions by artists

    The multiple expressions by artists

The second collection –or Argentinian art- has important series of engravings signed by Carlos Pellegrini, Antonio Berni and Alfredo Guido. Besides, countless sculptures by well-known local artists embellish the depths of the immense building.

At present, the Museum of Fine Arts exhibits a collection entitled “The Artists’ Society – Stories and discussions from Rosario”, which will be open to the public until April 2, 2005.

This exhibition shows the visions of Rosario creators from the early XX century to the present avant garde. It is in search for fostering an aesthetic and human vision of the works, evoking the discussions about art which acted as their support.

Among the most important rooms in the exhibition, those referring to the metropolis, the trips, the portraits, the nudes, the sixties’ avant garde, the contemporary art and social criticism and the visions of XX century Rosario are worth mentioning. The spectator manages to get a complete vision from the beginnings of the city, when it used to be the center of activities in the thriving “pampa gringa” (foreign pampa), passing by the key discussion genres, to the years of strong upheavals, during which the Rosario artists had an outstanding task.

We suggest that you attend this excellent exhibition and see the multiple expressions by local artists.

Autor Marcelo Sola Fotografo Marcelo Sola

Contact of the excursion or tour

Museo de Bellas Artes

Av.Pellegrini 2202 (2000) Rosario, Santa Fe

Tel: +54 341-4402542 Cel: +54 341-4802543

DurationDuration: 2 hours

Opening hoursOpening hours: Open from Monday through Saturday, from 2pm to 8pm; Sundays from 1pm to 7pm. Management: Mondays through Fridays, from 8am to 1pm. Library: from Monday through Friday, from 2pm to 8pm (it is closed on Tuesdays)

Bear in mindBear in mind: Do not take pictures in the inside of the museum rooms. We suggest that you visit the ground floor first and then go up to the first floor. This way, when the tour finishes, you can see the most outstanding works again.


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