Hot Spring Waters under the Moonlight in La Paz

On starry nights or under the full moon, dozens of tourists travel up to the hot springs to enjoy the restful time of the night into deep silence.

Everything looks different and is felt in a different way when the night comes. Therefore, arriving at the hot springs of La Paz at night is such an awesome experience that it seems a scene taken from a science fiction story.

Everything Changes

At night, as we headed straight to the hot springs resort, the darkness of the closed woodland and its cliffs were tinged with yellow by the reflected lights. Those lights were nothing but the hot springs, which little by little, came out as we approached.

The mist of hot tubs kept almost above the water and the vapor rising from the waters was so attractive that it invited visitors to immediately enjoy it. The temperature marked on the sign of the selected pool was 37º degrees and only a foot into the hot tub was enough for the body to experience a weird sensation.

  • The Hot Springs Resort at La Paz

    The Hot Springs Resort at La Paz

  • Is felt in a different way

    Is felt in a different way

  • Tinged with yellow by the reflected lights

    Tinged with yellow by the reflected lights

  • On the cliffs of the Paraná River

    On the cliffs of the Paraná River

Under the Moonlight

The salinity of these waters, four times saltier than the ocean, allows people to float in any position. It is not unusual to see some of the visitors having a picture taken while floating and reading a newspaper as if they were in the famous Dead Sea, where it is impossible to submerge because of the high salinity of its waters.

Located on the cliffs of the Paraná River, this hot springs resort offers one of the most spectacular night panoramic views of the river and the labyrinth of islands in front.

Look and Map the Stars

With the body submerged up to the neck, one of the favorite activities of night visitors is to see the sky and discover the countless stars in the Milky Way and the other constellations. Who would have thought that mapping new satellites or shooting stars would become a habit among the locals and visitors of the hot springs?

The variety of pools of different sizes, depths and temperature have undoubtedly made this habit possible, enabling many visitors to enjoy all the recreational activities during the day and to assure that the ideal relaxing time for their minds and body is the night.

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Bear in mindBear in mind: The Hot Springs Resort at La Paz provides all the facilities and services for visitors to stay longer in the city. Although the hot spring resort is closed at night, they are available at a night schedule. Please require further information about this night schedule in summer and winter. This kind of relax is indescribable.


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