La Paz Hot Springs

Health, beauty and relax are already a part of La Paz. Ever since their opening, the thermal baths attract many tourists and local people who seek for an improvement in their life quality.

Not only have the hot springs placed La Paz amidst the top destinations in the Province of Entre Ríos, but they have also changed the habits of its dwellers. Neighbors do not gather any more at a corner to have some mates or to talk about Sunday’s football match. They know that from the moment salt water came to this beautiful fresh water area, the gathering point has changed.

Natural Beauty

Getting submerged in the mineral salt water pools in the hot springs of La Paz is a pleasure suggested by those who have already experienced it. For a moment, the mind leaves daily activities aside to take a rest and relax; this is what hot spring tourism is all about.

  • Health, beauty and relax

    Health, beauty and relax

  • Located in the slopes of the Paraná River

    Located in the slopes of the Paraná River

  • The mineral salt water pools

    The mineral salt water pools

  • To take a rest and relax

    To take a rest and relax

  • The top destination in the Province of Entre Ríos

    The top destination in the Province of Entre Ríos

But water is not everything in the hot spring tourist resort; experts in beauty and health care guide visitors during their stay.

Mud therapy, aromatherapy, algae baths, massage and other relaxing techniques invite tourists to extend their stay in the resort, where guests not only arrive at weekends.

Specialists who may give advice on anti-stress therapies and physical education teachers are in charge of those guests who have or have had some physical handicap and need rehabilitation.

Holy Water

The hot springs resort of La Paz is located in the slopes of the Paraná River, and has one of the most amazing panoramic views from the city over the river and its islands.

Eleven pools of different size, depth and temperature are ready to satisfy the requirements and needs of every guest. The waters are salty, act as healing minerals, and have a high therapeutic quality and pharmacological effects. These waters are chloridic, sulfated, and contain calcium and magnesium. They can be used to treat rheumatic affections, arthritis, arthrosis, tendinitis, sciatica, and usual skin conditions, like psoriasis.

Water properties diminish skin inflammations and disorders, stimulate red blood cell production and cardiovascular circulation and improve the performance of the respiratory and immune systems.

Just submerge in these waters and let you be carried away and relax your body and soul in this beautiful city.

You can also visit La Paz hot springs at night.

To learn about the hot springs open hours or rates for 2017 season, please contact:

La Paz Hot Springs
Int.Lamboglia and Perón, Thermal Neighborhood
Phone: (03437) 424646 - e-mail

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Termas de La Paz

Int. Lamboglia esq. Perón - Bº Termal (3190) La Paz, Entre Ríos

Tel: +54 3437-424646

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Vieytes 1143 (3190) La Paz, Entre Ríos

Tel: +54 3447-423601

Costa Dorada

Predio Termal (3190) La Paz, Entre Ríos

Tel: +54 3437-425160

Bear in mindBear in mind: The hot spring resort in La Paz offers all the facilities and services for guests to feel as if they were at home. Accommodation offered in the city of La Paz has developed according to visitors’ new requests. Hot springs and the tourism generated by this new discovery are pleased with new service operators.


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