Another Great Costume Party

Location: La Paz, Ruta 1 y rotonda de acceso a la ciudad
Date: When11/25/2017

What started in Paraná continues at La Paz, Entre Ríos. The event takes place on November 25 at La Paz, a beautiful city in northern Entre Ríos.

Who said sequels are never as good as the original thing? When we talk about film making, we may find incredible sequels that have summoned large audiences or have been box office hits, sometimes surpassing the original movie. Not to mention recent trilogies that will remain in our memories for good, just like the various seasons of TV shows in vogue.

A costume party is an event in which guests must wear a costume. Sometimes, a theme, or a color or even certain restrictions are established when it comes to choosing a fancy dress. Costume parties have become fashionable both for birthday parties or private events inside stylish discos. Attendants spend days preparing their costumes and no detail is left to chance.

Everyone becomes someone else when wearing a costume. The good thing is that it is not necessary to drink alcohol or use drugs in order to have fun. A mask is enough to become free from all inhibitions.

  • That no detail left to chance

    That no detail left to chance

  • Without any shame

    Without any shame

  • Meeting friends

    Meeting friends

  • A healthy party

    A healthy party

Paraná’s Costume Party –considered by many the largest in the world- began as a gathering among a group of friends to celebrate their birthdays. Today, this party has turned into a unique event due to its characteristics, size and fame. It has been held once a year ever since 1999 at the City of Paraná, Entre Ríos.

In the meantime, a similar event takes place in La Paz, Entre Ríos, a site featuring the same traits facing the beauty of the Paraná River. Wearing costumes is the most amusing thing for people in this area and costume parties have definitely come to stay.

Is there anything more amusing?

Barlovento Parador
(Ruta 1 y rotonda de acceso a la ciudad de La Paz, Entre Ríos)

Autor Pablo Etchevers Fotografo Gentileza Barlovento Parador

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