The story of the comparsa Marí Marí

Marí Marí is the comparsa presented by Club Central Entrerriano, located today at 275, España Street...

It was 1978 when one of the most traditional clubs in Gualeguaychú resolved to create a Carnival Committee, along with other 9 institutions, so that all of them could organize such event. As a result of its decision to belong to the Carnival Committee, Club Central Entrerriano had to participate in the coming 1979 issue of the city corso. And so it did.

The date of the debut was near and the Club had not prepared anything to face the Carnival yet. Thus, without having many ideas, some of the representatives got together at María Elena de Dacal's house to ask her help. This local neighbor is well-known in the carnival circle and she helped the Club organize a comparsa, the first for the Central Entrerriano

After several ups and downs, it was concluded that the Club should present a float and a queen before the local community. The problem was how to assemble a float on such a short notice. And where would they get a queen

  • The batucada

    The batucada

  • One of its stars

    One of its stars

  • Freeing yourself from social ties

    Freeing yourself from social ties

  • Majestic costumes

    Majestic costumes

While walking around the city, as usual, on his way back home, Dr. Baretic, one of the members of the club observed a shop assistant and deemed she was the one. That is how María Elena Schaaf accepted to be Central's queen.

Members of all ages and in charge of any and all activities in the club were joined by employees and neighbors, started to build the float following the directions of Nelita Bermúdez de Irigoyen, another neighbor.

Club Central Entrerriano then was part of the 1979 Carnivals and its float won the first prize. Club Central Enterriano had to participate in the Carnival of Gualeguaychú in the future. Therefore, in 1980, today famous Marí Marí, comparsa del Club Central Entrerriano, came to life.

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