Photo Gallery in Gualeguaychú

Tarde de domingo Teatro Gualeguaychú Plaza Urquiza Zona comercial Playas céntricas Murales en el puerto Plaza San Martín Gualeguaychu Carnival Disfrutando el río Gualeguaychú carnival Boulevard Luis Palma Gualeguaychú carnivals Excursiones de pesca Gualeguaychú Carnivals Centro de la ciudad Carnival in Gualeguaychú Nautical recreation Postal del río Plaza Urquiza Picturesque outing Enjoying the summer Sunshine and beaches Colorful <i>comparsas</i> On the Gualeguauchú River Fun and joy Beaches on the Gualeguaychú River Local architecture Restaurants <i>Comparsa</i> leader On the Gualeguaychú River Beaches on the Uruguay River Railway museum Police station Dancing on the beach Tribute to firemen Argentinian <i>batucada</i> Beach and pulp mill Carnival floats Waterfront Avenue Behind the scenes Gualeguaychú River view Float themes Calendar in the square Rehearsing Zona del puerto Avda. Luis N. Palma Atardecer en el río Historical building Catedral San José Carnival 2009 Homenaje al Gral. Artigas To the rhythm of the <i>comparsa</i> Monumento Urquiza Nice and pretty on the move Warm quiet waters, Ñandubaysal Beach Feathers and more Gral. San Martín Monument Enjoying the river A great job Make up for the parade

Photo credits: Jorge González (4)

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