The story of the comparsa Kamarr

Kamarr is the comparsa of Carnaval del Centro Sirio Libanés, a club founded in 1936 by Don Habib Haddad.

Kamarr stands for "moon" in Arabian, and this is the name with which the comparsa had its debut in the 1981 carnivals in the city. Of course it would reach our days with the same magic.

Centro Cultural y Social Sirio Libanés had fallen from grace in the 1970s and it was in 1980 that Dr. Julián Majul, the then president of the center, summoned the entire community to recover the activities carried out by the institution in its days of glory.

This is how the idea of creating a "carnival group" that would participate in the coming carnival emerged. In order to be considered, this project needed a significant economic effort due to the fact that they would have to measure up to the already existing groups if they wanted to be part of the 1981 corsos.

  • Majestic and spectacular

    Majestic and spectacular

  • The quality of your clothes

    The quality of your clothes

  • The most anticipated party

    The most anticipated party

  • A

    A "carnival group"

  • An ambitious project

    An ambitious project

Under the slogan that nothing is impossible and that these corsos would be the perfect excuse for all the members of the club to be motivated for the Centro Cultural y Social Sirio Libanés to continue, the name Kamarr came up to identify the comparsa presented by the club, not only because of its easy pronunciation and spelling, but also and mainly because of its meaning: "moon", an essential symbol for the Arabs and Islam.

The community gave its immediate support and thus Kamarr measured up to the rest of the comparsas, just like every year during the Gualeguaychú carnivals. The first float was made by a 14-year-old boy who would later become one of the great protagonists of the local carnival: José Luis Gestro.

The song chosen by Kamarr in 1981 was "Arabian nights" and it was awarded the first prize in the category "Carnival Groups", because it did not have enough members to be considered a comparsa. Years later, Kamarr reached the next category and ever since, it has become of the most respected comparsas in the Carnival of Gualeguaychú.

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