The story of the comparsa Papelitos

History of Papelitos goes that in the 1970s a group of kids playing in the streets of Gualeguaychú during the early afternoon resolved to create a children's murga. By word of mouth, about 40 enthusiastic members joined in to use flat and round metal cans -in which a sweet-potato jam known as dulce de batata is canned- to play drums.

As they saw this performance, two mothers called María Rosa Arakaki and Mirta Larrivey decided to support their children by signing them up for "The Carnival of Joy", a local corso organized by Club Juventud Unida.

The music was in charge of Mr. Marcelino Amarillo, father of one of the kids. He provided a bombo and some side drum. As these were not enough, some cans crossed with wires to produce vibration were added, thus creating a carnival element known as "false side drums".

There was a limited budget for costumes. The mothers had to be really resourceful to come up with the idea of adding hot pink and blue crepe paper strips to their jeans simulating a fringe.

As Mirta Larrivey saw these costumes, she exclaimed: "-Look at you! You are little papers! (Papelitos in Spanish)". And thus, the neighborhood was represented by the little comparsa known as Papelitos del Oeste (Western Little Papers), to pay tribute to the huge love and support they had harvested in this area of the city.

  • The carnival ignores any border

    The carnival ignores any border

  • A successful non-return road

    A successful non-return road

  • Huge display in their carnival cars

    Huge display in their carnival cars

  • Passionate


This small comparsa turned out to be the winner at The Carnival of Joy, giving way to different celebrations all throughout western Gualeguaychú.

There was no coming back from this. It became one of the most important comparsas in Gualeguaychú and its Carnival. Today, Papelitos is the comparsa of Club Juventud Unida and one of the most beloved and passionate in the famous Carnival of the Country.

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