The story of the comparsa Ara Yevi

For over 30 years, Ara Yeví has been the comparsa of Club Tiro Federal de Gualeguaychú. Just like what happened with the other groups that take part in the Carnival of Gualeguaychú, the creation of the Carnival Organizing Committee in 1979 paved the way for various local clubs to resolve to participate and thus put together their own comparsas.

Ara Yevi stands for "time for fun" in the Guaraní tongue and it is presented by Club Tiro Federal, founded in 1920 as a result of a then fashionable discipline throughout the country: sporting shooting, practiced by some schools in the area and by those youths who had already completed the mandatory military service.

After some decades, new activities -such as bocce, soccer, beach tennis and swimming, many of which already were part of Olympic disciplines- have begun to lure new members.

In 1980, Club Tiro Federal used to be part of the Uruguay River International Carnival Committee. Therefore, they were supposed to present some show in the next corso. As a result, Ara Yevi was created and had its debut in the 1981 corsos.

  • Shooting summer dream

    Shooting summer dream

  • His fugitive grace

    His fugitive grace

  • "Fun time"

  • Awakening to a Carnival Dream

    Awakening to a Carnival Dream

  • The dance transcends

    The dance transcends

When she heard that the "Tiro" (as this club is known in the city today) should present a comparsa, María Elena Taibo de Dacal, ballet, native and Spanish dances teacher and owner of "Escuela Superior de la Danza" offered her help.

The song with which Ara Yeví had its debut in 1981 was "Folies Bergere" in reference to the famous theater in Paris. Those who remember the moment assert that the comparsa was made up by 80 members who left their technique, music and passion in the first parades. This is the same comparsa that dazzles audiences today.

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