The Other Reason for Gualeguaychú to Feel Proud: the Ñandubaysal

There is no doubt that this is one of the most picturesque and popular swim holes on the Uruguay River. Carnival is not the only attraction in the summertime.

At this location, the Uruguay River becomes wider to such an extent that the Uruguayan coast seems more and more distant. On the Argentinian side, boasting an endless white sandy beach, appears Ñandubaysal swim hole and campsite, considered by many as one of the most picturesque on the Uruguay River.

Gualeguaychú, the City that Has It All

Just 18 kilometers away from the City of Gualeguaychú lies this paradise surrounded by a thick natural forest hosting native species as well as huge pine trees that provide a Patagonian trait at sunset, when the grills invite visitors to enjoy the unmistakable aromas that give away a good asador.

Ñandubaysal occupies a surface of almost 1.5 kilometers of white sand and clear waters, ideal to relax and enjoy the beach, as if on the Atlantic shore or the Caribbean. Deck chairs, mate and parasols –if preferred- are the necessary elements to refresh the body and feel delighted while beholding the river.

  • The Uruguay River

    The Uruguay River

  • White sandy beach

    White sandy beach

  • Picturesque resort

    Picturesque resort

  • The perfect place

    The perfect place

  • Surrounded by a thick natural forest

    Surrounded by a thick natural forest

  • By the famed Uruguayan artist Paéz Vilaró

    By the famed Uruguayan artist Paéz Vilaró

Some recreational options and activities include nautical disciplines and sports involving the water and the wind. Besides, there is the chance to swim several meters into the river at a very shallow depth. Also, always stepping on clear sand is one of the added values of this wonderful river.

The name of this place - “ñandubaysal”- responds to the great deal of specimens of this tree species that inhabit and provide shade to the entire venue. This is one of the most popular features among local denizens and tourists during the summer time, when temperatures amply surpass 40 degrees.

In the center of the swim hole, on the beach area, there lies a beautiful Mediterranean white construction, with terraces and balconies overlooking the river. It does not take long to transport everyone to neighboring Casapueblo, owned by the famed Uruguayan artist Paéz Vilaró.

The brilliant Uruguayan artist who took immense pleasure in signature architecture indulged himself several years ago by raising a small construction that still stands at this very spot. The best Argentinian dishes made with rural and seafood ingredients are served at this venue.

Featuring whitewash walls decorated with cane and reed mats, this site continues to be magical. At sunset, it is usually necessary to make a table reservation in order to contemplate the quiet river and let time pass without any worries.

All generations meet at Ñandubaysal, the perfect place to take over the scene and enjoy it in whatever way we like. One nook inside a city that seems to be dreamed-of year round.

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