A Walk by the Sea

Hiking on the wet sand or along the coquettish ocean drive is a classic year round.

Villa Gesell boasts over 6 kilometers of beach. Therefore, hiking is one of the most popular activities among visitors.

No matter what time it is, it is always a good time to move about the seashore and let the breeze move our clothes and hair. Some prefer to enjoy it barefoot, others wearing training shoes. The truth is that this is an activity that will not exclude any age or season. As long as the sun shines, the silhouette of a walker will always be spotted against the waves that swash against the beach.

Once and again, we walked down the zigzagging waterfront at this summer destination. Sometimes we headed south and others north, so that the sun beams would give us an even tan. We particularly preferred to go on an energetic walk in the early morning, hurrying our pace to make our muscles get tense. While we worked out, we noticed there were no other people on the beach. Only the seagulls had left their track on the sand.

  • As long as the sun shines

    As long as the sun shines

  • An extensive and wide beach

    An extensive and wide beach

  • The salty smell in the atmosphere

    The salty smell in the atmosphere

  • No matter what time it is

    No matter what time it is

  • Is a meeting point

    Is a meeting point

  • The beaches of Villa Gesell

    The beaches of Villa Gesell

We have visited Gesell on several occasions and we have always discovered new beach bars and new trendy activities. However, what we have never failed to notice is that the waterfront is a meeting point. The youth usually gather up at this location and plan their night activities. Grown-ups choose to relax as they observe the constant movement of the sea. And children avoid pedestrians while riding their bikes and skateboards.

The invasion of the sea is clearly observed on the shore at certain spots. Unfortunately, erosion and civilization have gone hand in hand as the village developed. Studies to correct this modification made by nature are permanently carried out. The climate, the waves and a hasty urban plan have been responsible for the loss of beaches.

Hiking works even on winter days when the sun and the wind do not battle. Wrapped up in warm clothes, we have taken long walks by the seashore. Of course we did not walk as long a distance as we did in the summer, but the enjoyment was as intense as when we were wearing our swim suits. When the weather is cold, midday and the early afternoon are the most popular hours to start walking.

The smell of pine-trees, traditional coffee-houses, adventures across the sand or just enjoying aerobic exercise are some of the best excuses to step on the beaches of Villa Gesell.

Autor Mónica Pons Fotografo Pablo Etchevers


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