What’s in the alfajores made on the Atlantic Coast?

It is hard to choose the most delicious, the most traditional or the one that suits the taste of the entire family on the beach, among so many well-known brands.

Ever since the days of the colony, the Argentinian have become used to indulging their palates with an alfajor and it seems that while on holidays, that needs becomes even more urgent. It is enjoyed at breakfast, mid morning or in the afternoon on the beach. It is a typical snack for kids.

Once we remove the wrapping, we find ourselves in front of a usual delicacy which shares its structure with many others but has features of its own. The first bite gets us close to its spongy or neutral dough, to the milk jam layer and to that particular sensation of recognizing it.

How is an alfajor made? It consists of two round cookies filled with dulce de leche (a confection made by slowly heating sweetened milk), glazed or covered with chocolate or white sugar. The ones made of starch remind us of our Granny or our mother’s recipes during childhood.

  • The brands

    The brands

  • Amalfi


  • Gesemar


  • Balcarce


  • Alfajores Geselinos

    Alfajores Geselinos

  • The alfajor is part of the tastes we usually give us

    The alfajor is part of the tastes we usually give us

The Atlantic coast houses famed venues with branches at every beach. As a result of their success, these manufacturers have had to put up huge factories and then transport these delicacies to every corner of these beaches. There are also small manufacturers struggling to conquer the market at every seaside destination. Thus, small undertakers compete with companies that have been in the market for years.

The alfajor is what we indulge ourselves with during our vacations. Havanna, Amalfi, Balcarce or Casita del Bosque are the most coveted and renowned.

There has always been an extremely Argentinian tradition: bring back home several boxes of alfajores to give to our friends and family as a souvenir from our holiday destination. This is how we value the labels and flavors with which alfajor makers delight us.

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