Camping by the Sea

In a city that developed along with the hippie movement, the conditions for camping have changed throughout the years, but the adventurous spirit remains intact.

It is well-known that Villa Gesell was made famous by those who dared to sleep on a tent under the stars back in the 1960s. It is also true that when the town was created, one sector in the southern area was saved for settling down a campsite. Camping was a vacation option that did not fade out with the passing of time.

At present, several tourist undertakings located in the area close to Mar de las Pampas give priority to life outdoors whether on a tent or a motor home meters away from the beach and the roaring sea. Beautiful pine woods provide shelter from the scorching heat and they even act as natural divisions among campers.

For comfort to be complete, the camping areas have fire pits and tables, restrooms, parking and common barbecue areas for rainy days. Cabins with and without kitchen have also been established in this venue as further options.

  • On the outskirts of Villa Gesell

    On the outskirts of Villa Gesell

  • Several tourist ventures

    Several tourist ventures

  • Feel sheltered from extreme heat

    Feel sheltered from extreme heat

  • About 6 kilometers from the center

    About 6 kilometers from the center

  • Wake up and feel the sand underfoot

    Wake up and feel the sand underfoot

  • The great outdoors

    The great outdoors

What is shared by all is the extensive beach that guarantees the quietness everyone is looking for due to its location in the outskirts of town. Sports and nautical activities, as well as angling have a space of their own so as not to disturb sunbathers.

Ever since the New Age prevailed in Villa Gesell till this day, the sea waves have hit the shore millions of times. In the meantime, going camping continues to be a special way of combining vacations with the adventurous spirit of being in direct contact with nature 24/7.

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How to get hereHow to get here: Organized campsites lie 6 kilometers away from downtown Villa Gesell, on 3 Avenue between 168 and 170 Streets.

The area may be accessed by bus from the bus station to Mar Azul.


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