Tour around Gesell and its Surroundings on Horseback

A beautiful way of visiting Villa Gesell and its surroundings is on horseback. Forests, dunes and sea are part of an ideal chemistry to give free rein to an adventure that may become extraordinary.

Before the Water Reaches the Forest

Before the sign post announced the arrival in Mar de las Pampas, various horse hitching posts appeared on both sides of a wide sand road that starts in Villa Gesell, proudly showing their Creole horses, among which colts, stallions, mares and even ponies for the children stand out.

It is not necessary to be an expert rider or have acknowledged experience in the art of taming. You just have to be daring. And from what I can see, anyone may ride and enjoy the beautiful feeling of going across forests, dunes and finally get to the large beaches of sand and sea of these Atlantic resorts.

They can be rented per tour, half a day or even for an entire day, in the event that some long ride around the area has been planned, such a to the Querandí Lighthouse or the surroundings of the Mar Chiquita Lagoon, located near the district of Santa Clara del Mar. Some guides, who are mostly gauchos or country men, are in charge of managing groups both during the day and in the evening. Night excursions are made when the calendar announces a full moon and, when this event takes place, a saddle should be reserved in advance if you do not wish to remain standing on your feet.

  • Forests, dunes

    Forests, dunes

  • Even with small children

    Even with small children

  • Guided horseback riding

    Guided horseback riding

  • Your big happy moment

    Your big happy moment

  • What matters is the adventure

    What matters is the adventure

Galloping by the Sea

When leaving on a group excursion, collective feelings beat individual sensations. The crucial moment comes when those in charge of each hitching post choose the appropriate horses for each member of the ride, taking into account their riding experience and, of course, the character of each equine.

And thus, once we were sure that the horse saddles were correctly fixed and that we learnt their names, the ride began.

After almost an hour and a half of going through the forests of Mar de las Pampas, Las Gaviotas and Mar Azul, a long sand road deposited us in front of the vastness of the ocean.

From there, we began a crazy race at full speed to the sea shore. Unlike what we had imagined, the heat caused some horses to loose their fear and to feel like getting into the water to freshen up and even start swimming.

So we let them get into the sea just for a while so that they could get wet. Very much pleased and without hesitation, they accepted at once.

Now, Go!

Later, we only had to show them the immensity of the beach for them to start running in order to dry themselves, raising sand and sea water and catching the attention of the few swimmers and pedestrians around.

After almost half an hour, alternating galloping with trotting so that the horses would not get exhausted, we made it to the surroundings of the Querandí Lighthouse and its enormous dunes, which show the entrance to one of the most beautiful Natural Reserves in the Province of Buenos Aires.

And it was there, just in front of the lighthouse silhouette, that we resolved to start our way back after letting the horses rest.

Now the roles suddenly changed. The horses became protagonists and, not only did they indicate our way back, but they also led us at full speed, and the truth is that there was no way to stop them.

They knew that, by then, sunset meant that there was not “another ride” and that the end of the day would indicate that the moment for a well-deserved rest was coming. So there was no other option than putting our feet in the stirrup, shortening the reins as much a possible and letting ourselves go, looking at the seagulls as they were carried away by the wind to wherever it considered convenient, something similar to what was happening to us. Whether flying like a bird or riding a pure-bred, the adventure is what matters.

Contact: Cabalgatas El Alazán

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