Villa Gesell’s Northern Point, Where Anything Goes

Just like Pinamar has its “border”, Villa Gesell has its Punta Norte (Northern Point), a desert spot that marks the end of the village and turns out to be an ideal place to practice all kinds of activities.

La Punta lies away from it all, in the northern area of Villa Gesell. Both the local denizens and the thousands and thousands of tourists who visit this destination year after year, season after season, gather up at this location to enjoy their favorite sports.

Some of these sports include kite-surfing, motocross or ATV riding –helmet use compulsory. People can thus enjoy the natural features of the site, where sand hills and a desert-like scene stand out.

“The place is so peaceful, so regenerating that small sea lions are seen wandering around the area during weekdays. Brought along by some storm, they approach visitors in search for food”, one of the owners of La Punta recreation area told us. This place has become famous and highly popular among visitors.

  • A desert spot that marks the end of the village

    A desert spot that marks the end of the village

  • The place is so peaceful

    The place is so peaceful

  • Lies away from it all

    Lies away from it all

  • An ideal place

    An ideal place

The possibility of practicing wind sports, especially on unsettled weather, is one of the added values in this place. As swimming is unusual here and there are no sunbathers either, like in the downtown beaches, other activities are available.

Perfect for “extreme” sports, La Punta combines part of its unspoiled and prodigious nature with the adrenaline that man has impregnated on it in order to enjoy new things by the constant presence of the sea.

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