Things to do in Villa General Belgrano

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A Visit to Altos de Belgrano Golf Club

Playing golf is a real pleasure, playing in the spectacular setting of the Córdoba mountains is simply indescribable. Paradise: Altos de Belgrano

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Fiesta Nacional de la Masa Vienesa

Siendo ya un clásico de Semana Santa, esta singular fiesta logra convocar a miles de fanáticos tanto como la famosa Fiesta de la Cerveza que se celebra en la misma ciudad cordobesa: Villa General Belgrano.

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Medieval Festival in Villa General Belgrano

The Third Medieval Festival will be held, organized by the Artisanal Brewing Association of <i>Villa General Belgrano.</i>

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Spa Vitality, pleasures of the Body and the Soul

The spa operating in the inside of the Howard Johnson Inn invites visitors to relax in the quietness of the mountain range. An amusing proposal to improve esthetics and achieve a perfect state of welfare.

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The Beer Festival, 2020 Oktoberfest Argentina

During the month of October, thousands of people peregrinate up to this city in the Province of Córdoba to take part in one of the most expected events in the year: the National Beer Festival.

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Theme Park <i>Peñón del Águila</i>

<i>Peñón del Águila</i> is an adventure park with lots of leisure activities to enjoy. This park hosts hiking, zip lines, tours around del Medio River, rides on ATVs on special circuits...


Viejo Munich Beer

We visited the Viejo Munich brewery. We toured the facilities and tasted the authentic beer brewed in this site. A complete experience for the palate.

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The Alpine Chocolate Festival

During the month of July, the village offers the possibility of letting oneself be tempted by hand-crafted chocolate in all its forms and presentations. Experience, feel and taste the Alpine Chocolate Festival.


Caprice Factory

We entered the Capilla Vieja chocolate factory and discovered all its secrets. A delicious way to learn part of the history of this site and its people.

Contemplative Tourism

A Bird Can Sing

In the heart of the village, visitors can enjoy an amusing hike with the entire family as they border the creeks that cross the city. Paying careful attention, they can listen to the singing of the birds.

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Beyond the Horizon

We went on an amusing hike to Mount de la Virgen. On its summit, we caught a panoramic sight of the entire area. We found the strong silhouette of Mount Champaquí on the horizon.

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Tour to La Cumbrecita

It is possible to find a paradise and an unforgettable place named La Cumbrecita on the eastern side of the <i>Sierras Grandes </i> (Large Mountain Range) in Córdoba, 38 kilometers away from Villa General Belgrano.

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In the core of the city, tourists may access the village vantage point situated in the Hall of Events and Conventions and get a beautiful panoramic view of the area.

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Brunnen Homebrewed Beer

In the very heart of Villa General Belgrano, we visited Brunnen Brewery and learned all the secrets about the craft brewing process.

Tourism in Córdoba and its mountain ranges

The Province surprises visitors with its countless attractions, framed by the mountain systems, its rivers and creeks, its green areas and woodlands, its mild weather and its unique natural scenes...

Contemplative Tourism

Artisan Fair of the Cultures of the Villa

On the corner of Los Manantialest and Julio A. Roca Avenue, stands the Villa General Belgrano Fair of the Cultures.

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