Spa Vitality, pleasures of the Body and the Soul

The spa operating in the inside of the Howard Johnson Inn invites visitors to relax in the quietness of the mountain range. An amusing proposal to improve esthetics and achieve a perfect state of welfare.

The quality and infrastructure of the Howard Johnson Inn in and the most advanced in esthetic medicine of the modern Spa Vitality, which works inside the hotel, are mingled to provide visitors a complete state of welfare and relaxation. Under the charm of the Calamuchita Valley and only 90km from the capital of Córdoba, this is an attractive alternative for those who wish for a some self-indulgence.

“Anything goes at the time of looking or feeling better” I thought, and as I had the chance to stay at the distinguished hotel, I did not hesitate to find out about the various programs offered by Vitality and take some hours for leisure and resting.

I spoke with Dr. Berta Duartez, who has over 20 years' experience in esthetic medicine and runs the spa. She prescribed a wide range of original efficient treatments to relax “the body and the soul”, according to her.

  • Dazzles with an innovative spirit

    Dazzles with an innovative spirit

  • Heated indoor pool

    Heated indoor pool

  • Enjoy a pleasant stay

    Enjoy a pleasant stay

  • Spa & Fitness center

    Spa & Fitness center

Berta is assisted by a staff of cosmetologists, estheticians, physiotherapists and professional masseuses who design therapeutic programs with the aim of slowing down and preventing organic and psychic deterioration, the aparition of signs and symtoms of ageing, and improving body and face esthetics. The spa has cutting-edge electro-esthetic devices that stimulate various areas of the body in a gratifying fashion.

“Esthetic medicine is a discipline of life quality that deals with psychic and physical welfare ...” Berta explains enthusiastically, and she immediately adds “... it aims at the maintenance of esthetic health taking as a basis prevention and, when this is not possible, the correction of non-accepted situations or alterations considered non-esthetic”. The truth is that, after such a long foreword, I was more than willing to let myself be carried away by the specialists through the various rooms and feel the changes as we advanced.

The center has a conditioned pool, a sauna, a Jacuzzi, a gym and several relaxation and massage rooms, where qualified professionals are in charge of obtaining the best results, according to the treatment chosen.

The most important programs offered are: body modelling and toning, anti-cellulitis and anti-stretch marks; anti-stress program and beauty, relax and pleasure program. Furthermore, Vitality has an intense slimming program directed by Dr. Carlos Sabagh, nutritionist and physician.

I chose the program called “Spa day”, which promised to quickly “disconnect” me from reality and reach the balance and welfare I longed for. After the sauna session, I had 40 minutes of relaxing massage, and finished with a session of body thalassotherapy. Wonderful.

When the session was over, I was totally satisfied with the treatment. My mood certainly changed and I felt renovated and eager to go out to make contact with nature. I thanked everybody and said good bye to the specialists. Then, I went on a tour around the city to see the mountains around. I walked barefoot on the green grass and experienced every single thing that makes this a dream place.

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DurationDuration: Daily programs usually take between 1 and 2 hours.
Opening hoursOpening hours: Spa Vitality opens its doors from Monday thru Sunday from 9am to 1pm and from 3pm to 8pm.


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