A Bird Can Sing

In the heart of the village, visitors can enjoy an amusing hike with the entire family as they border the creeks that cross the city. Paying careful attention, they can listen to the singing of the birds.

The great chucrut garnie we had had for lunch at the Viejo Munich brewery had made us feel more than satisfied. I took some time to watch the cosy decoration of the restaurant. Built in the early XX century, the Viejo Munich Brewery became a place of encounters for German immigrants and, especially, for the famous sailors of the Graff Spee vessel.

The hall, totally built in wood and ornamented with plates, pictures and symbols reminding of the German culture, displayed a huge Armenian flag, which reveals the origin of its owner, Mr. Diego Assadourian.

Outside, the weather was great and it was a pity to take a nap, even if I really felt like it. We asked the waiter for advice as to what to do so as to make the most of the day and help digestion.

  • In the heart of the village

    In the heart of the village

  • Escaping civilization

    Escaping civilization

  • The creeks that cross the city

    The creeks that cross the city

  • Descends directly from the mountains

    Descends directly from the mountains

He drew us a map so that we could border a winding creek which promised unforgettable views of Villa General Belgrano and where we could make contact with mother nature.

We just had to walk two blocks towards the North from San Martín Street, where the restaurant is located, until we reached Magnolias Avenue, which crosses the road to the district of Los Reartes. From there, we managed to see a magnificent creek with crystal-clear waters called La Toma. With no hesitation, we began to border the brook downstream. According to the map, we would have to pass by the confluence of the creek with El Sauce Creek farther ahead.

The latter descends directly from the mountains. Then, we would have to continue up to the recreational center lodging the municipal swimming pool. The map indicated that we would get to the confluence with Los Molles Creek at that point, where there is a beautiful vegetation area.

As we advanced along the trail, we began to see various tree species and plants. The rocks in the creek would create small falls. The soft undulations tinged in reddish sandstones of the mountain range landscape, the water threads, the intense green of the algarrobos, quebrachos and palm trees, the nice weather, the fresh air and the clear sky quickly made us get lost in this lavish nature.

We continued along the trail, appreciating the scents of the wild violets, the romerillos and berros. A signpost indicated that we should keep quiet in order to listen to the birds. We did not take long to distinguish the sounds made by the grosbeaks, the thrushes and the black-backed rosbeak, to mention a few of them.

An extreme feeling of satisfaction invaded us... Thus, lost in the splendor of this small redoubt, we continued walking, escaping civilization and imagining we would never go back to it.

Autor Marcelo Sola Fotografo Municipalidad Villa General Belgrano

DifficultyDifficulty: Low
DurationDuration: 1 hour
How to get hereHow to get here: This hiking tour leaves from the Av. Las Magnolias ford, where the La Toma Creek is located, and then downstream, passing by the confluence of the El Sauce Creek and up to the Villa General Belgrano recreational center.
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